Projexia Wins Quality Accreditation

From left to right: Juan Marrero (SAP) with Dominique Laverdière and Desmond Desouza (both Projexia). (Source: SAP)
From left to right: Juan Marrero (SAP) with Dominique Laverdière and Desmond Desouza (both Projexia). (Source: SAP)


Projexia Inc., a rapidly growing SAP value added reseller based in Montreal, Canada, has achieved accreditation from the SAP Partner Quality program. The accreditation, one of a range of services provided by SAP Partner Service Delivery, is awarded to SAP partners that prove active quality management of their sales processes and delivery methodologies.

Projexia’s adherence to the SAP Partner Quality program and SAP’s 10 Quality Principles confirm the organization’s commitment to quality in all aspects of business: starting from a clear understanding of the customers’ needs, adequate risk management, all the way to successful and on-time implementation delivery, as well as post go-live support.

Benefits for both the customer and the business

‘’We are proud of this quality certification, as we constantly strive to deliver the best to our customers,’’ says Sylvia Bologna, Projexia co-founder and partner. ‘’In the end, our customers are those who benefit the most from this quality program, as we can help them realize the value of their investment early and its full potential. Consequently, our own business can only benefit from it as well.’’

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Customers want to be sure that their SAP partner brings value and quality to their project – and legitimately so. The SAP Partner Quality program helps Projexia embed quality standards to an even greater extent and provide seamless integration of the deliverables to its customers.

A heavy equipment manufacturer in the province of Québec has had such an experience. The company recently completed the second phase of its ERP rollout. Given the complexity and breadth of scope of the project, very careful planning and tight management were required to ensure the project did not become a classic runaway. A decision to go “big bang” to accelerate implementation, as well as minimize interface complexities and process integration challenges, also had the effect of increasing the need for a quality implementation at go-live.

The CIO said, “We used a number of different partners during the project, including a number of independent consultants. Therefore, we needed a robust project governance structure to ensure efficiency, predictability, and transparency across the team.”

Project covers sales, supply chain, finance, and personnel

As all areas of the business were impacted – sales, service, supply chain, finance, and personnel – a smooth implementation was critical.

“SAP and Projexia brought skilled resources to the table in each of these areas,” he said, in reference to the project governance structure. “Certainly a project of this size and scope faced multiple challenges, but the effectiveness of the team and governance structure ensured a quality go-live.”

Within a few short months after go-live, the organization was already beginning to see benefits.

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In any SAP implementation project, rigor and leadership are key. Projexia is a strong believer in applying the quality principle of appointing an executive of the firm to each customer.  Customers benefit from the presence of a Projexia partner throughout their implementation projects, in addition to a project manager and an account executive.

As an example, a software organization near the Ottawa capital region implementing SAP Business ByDesign, benefits from the presence and support of a senior partner from Projexia to apply new direction and guidance to its project, which had failed under a former provider.

Quality is vital – whether cloud or on premise

Cloud or on premise? Quality still rules, Projexia says. A cloud implementation does not escape the rigorous quality standards established by the SAP Partner Quality program. Therefore, Projexia has standardized its governance approach in its cloud implementations to ensure the customers are involved from the first steps of the project and that they fully take advantage of the cloud’s benefits.

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Applying SAP quality principles, Projexia ensures that standard and proven methodology is used effectively. Cloud-based solutions, such as SAP Business ByDesign, require that specific methodology be utilized. This has to be as solid and as clearly understood by all members of the implementation team as with the ASAP methodology for on premise.

SAP Business ByDesign methodology improves efficiency in implementation process

For example, another Projexia customer that is implementing SAP Business ByDesign is a Montreal-based leading provider of geospatial solutions. Here, Projexia’s team applies the SAP Business ByDesign methodology to generate a common understanding of the roles and steps, and to gain efficiency in the implementation process. As a result, the whole organization benefits from this innovative approach to infusing SAP quality principles in cloud projects.

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