Taking Education into the Cloud

Photo: iStockphoto
Photo: iStockphoto

SAP.info: SAP has just announced the launch of the new SAP Learning Hub. What’s the strategy behind this new version?

Markus Schwarz: We are making user education as simple and easy as possible. Our goal has always been to make our knowledge available to customers 24/7 in a very flexible way. Now the new SAP Learning Hub is the entry door into our entire offering: users go to one website, register, gain access to learning assets, and then can subscribe through one offering for one year.

SAP.info: What’s different about the newly-launched SAP Learning Hub for 2014?

Schwarz: It’s three things. First, SAP Learning Hub now runs on the cloud-based SuccessFactors Learning solution which incorporates SAP Jam. This provides an entirely new and improved user experience. Second, unlike the past when this content was exclusively offered by our sales force, everybody in the ecosystem has access to it, regardless of whether or not they are in touch with our sales team. Third, the discovery edition option gives users the opportunity to explore SAP Learning Hub before they decide to subscribe, offering full or partial access to 120 titles from the complete repository of over 2,000 learning assets.

The impact of the millennial generation on SAP education


SAP.info: What impact are millennials having on how SAP educates its users?

Schwarz: Our objective is to give technology-savvy millennials the right blend of anytime, anywhere access, collaboration, and clear guidance on how to achieve SAP certification. For example, SAP Learning Hub is designed so that users can easily interact with peers and exchange experiences in virtual Learning Rooms using SAP Jam. They also receive important guidance from subject-matter experts, including instructors and moderators. Just as important is SAP Live Access, which gives learners the opportunity for hands-on practice using actual SAP training systems. This was previously only available in our classroom training, and helps ensure that people apply the knowledge that they’ve learned.


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Markus Schwarz, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Education. (Photo: SAP)
Markus Schwarz, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Education. (Photo: SAP)

SAP.info: Where does SAP Learning Hub fit into the company’s overall learning strategy that also includes Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offered by openSAP?

Schwarz: The openSAP MOOCs are focused on a targeted group of innovations. The intent is to provide baseline knowledge to a broad audience.  Learners might not necessarily be SAP users or even members of our ecosystem yet. But they likely will be in the future. The objective of SAP Learning Hub is to help all of these people become skilled in the implementation, operation, and use of SAP systems. We work closely with openSAP to make our offerings available to its participants after they have acquired baseline knowledge. In addition, SAP Education has included openSAP offerings in our curriculum as a starting point for people who may ultimately become certified.

SAP.info: What role does SAP Learning Hub play in certification?

Schwarz: SAP Learning Hub makes it very easy for someone to get the prerequisites for certification without traveling to on-site classrooms. When they are ready for certification, users have the choice of taking exams at an SAP training center or with one of our partners such as Pearson VUE, which has a worldwide network of testing locations.

Classroom and cloud: SAP Learning Hub reaches up to 4 million people


SAP.info: How does SAP Learning Hub complement SAP Education’s traditional classroom offerings?

Schwarz: While classrooms remain an important part of the SAP Education portfolio, the reality is that only a small percentage of people can attend classroom sessions. The cloud-based SAP Learning Hub is integral to our goal of enabling and training our broader ecosystem―expanding to reach up to four million SAP professionals who use our systems every day. SAP Learning Hub combines the best of both worlds—classroom and cloud. In fact, many SAP Education classroom instructors will also be moderators and subject-matter experts in the Learning Rooms.

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SAP.info: What can SAP users expect from SAP Education in 2014?

Schwarz: More people will get the SAP knowledge they need to innovate faster because we’ve opened up SAP Learning Hub and its extensive collection of learning content to individual users. This includes freelancers and consultants, employees of our customers who are working in competency centers and as power users, as well as employees of our partners who also pass on their knowledge directly to customers. Once inside, people can expect an entirely new cloud-based learning experience. Learners will have immediate access to the most up-to-date information on the newest releases of SAP solutions.

Educational approach: Cloud computing and an outcome-based strategy


 SAP.info: What excites you the most about this transformation?

Schwarz: This latest version of SAP Learning Hub completely changes not only the way we provide learning to the market, but also how people will learn in the future. After years of preparation and building, we are seeing the impact of our pioneering work with customers and partners. What we’re doing has relevance far beyond learning professionals. We’re poised to impact a much broader audience. Being positioned at the core of what SAP is doing as a company-wide transformation is energizing and exciting. Simplification, cloud computing, and an outcome-based strategy―that’s what our new educational approach brings to customers and partners.