The CIO Security Guide for IT Managers

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Photo: SAP

Industry trends are forcing IT security managers to address issues like Bring your own device (BYOD), mobile applications, or the cloud. Managers are facing complex challenges in our increasingly networked world. Data in the cloud must be secure and backend access supported for mobile devices, while users expect access via single sign-on (SSO), regardless of whether the data is located in the cloud or is meant to be accessed wirelessly.

The CIO Guides aim to provide an overview of key technology issues and present operational scenarios, reference architectures, and SAP products that can help. The second guide brings together concepts on the issue of IT security for customers, and provides checklists and answers to FAQs. The guide is aimed primarily at CIOs and security officers (CSOs) as well as project managers and planners in the area of cloud & mobile.

CIO Guide: Checklist for IT security  

The “CIO Guide” is based on contributions from internal SAP experts as well as American and German SAP customers.  The focus is on three standard elements of IT security: the storage of information, interactions, and identities. These three constitute the cornerstones of storing corporate information. To help a business immediately spot which of these three elements are important, the problems have been classified into additional categories: Scenario (cloud, hybrid, mobile), Priority (very high, high, medium) and Quality (established, approved, under development). This helps the customer pinpoint a certain issue – in other words to spot what is relevant to them and find the corresponding answers. Even though this is an SAP publication, the explanations are generally valid across the board, independent of specific SAP products. Helpful SAP products are, however, addressed in detail separately. For instance, the guide deals with the topic of BYOD and provides a precise “operating manual” describing how businesses should respond sensibly to this sustained trend.

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Standard strategies or standard solutions are listed for each of the issues addressed in the CIO Guide, along with notes detailing which SAP products can help in specific instances. For example, the guide suggests the SAP Mobile Platform as a means of protecting data in mobile solutions. SAP Afaria is used to encrypt app access or delete information, while SAP Mobile App Protection helps protect data. The CIO Guide includes links to relevant SAP information sources to provide more detailed information.

The complete CIO Guide can be downloaded from the following link: Download