100 Orders at the Touch of a Button

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As a leading provider of gas cylinders and a supplier of welding equipment and garden and patio furniture, Emgas BV needed a business management system to track stock levels and quickly process orders. Dennis van der Meijden, Financial Director, explains how SAP Business One has helped improve compliancy issues and has already made cost savings while improving levels of productivity across the company. Following the implementation by SAP partner IIS, Emgas BV is experiencing a range of business benefits from its new software.

What sort of problems did the company encounter with its legacy software before it considered SAP Business One?

Dennis van der Meijden: There were several. There were no stock management tools; the CRM was too small for our sales team; there was no third-party integration with Microsoft Windows, our email system, or the internet. Additionally, we couldn’t produce digital invoices and we only had historical invoices/delivery notes on the system. More importantly, we had no way of sending guidance for products to the technical service department.

How did Emgas BV first hear about SAP Business One and IIS?

Dennis van der Meijden: We researched SAP online and found partners that specialize in SAP Business One. We actually knew Chris Nugteren, IIS Sales Manager in the Netherlands, and he told us how IIS could help.

SAP Business One: Examples of customer benefits

What are the main benefits Emgas BV has experienced from using SAP Business One?

Dennis van der Meijden: The two main benefits are having greater control of stock management and the ability to offer guidance for our technical service department. Each of our items must be defined in a technical and complete manner, with information on weights, hazard class and ADR description.

Additionally, the CRM functionality has streamlined the speed and follow-up of quotes and we’ve witnessed improvements in our financial department through digital invoicing and smarter tax reports and bank payments.

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How has SAP Business One helped manage your supply and distribution chains?

Dennis van der Meijden: The recurring transaction function saves us a lot of time and eliminates the possibility of making a human error. Each day we have around a hundred orders that recur every week. In SAP Business One, the orders are processed with one click – all we have to do is print the delivery documents. We’ve actually changed our procedures (ISO 9001) to match the way SAP Business One works. As a result, we’re able to provide more guidance and definitely more insight to analyze the whole sales process.

Have levels of customer service improved since using SAP Business One?

Dennis van der Meijden: Customer service has improved since implementation. We now have better insight into service calls, our financial department and key documents. We’ve gained quick and easy order fulfillment using SAP Business One. Also, the majority of customer queries can now be answered on the phone without staff having to ask colleagues or requested to call customers back because the old system didn’t show information immediately.

Improving business processes using B1 Apps

Emgas BV also uses B1 Email and B1 360° – part of the B1 Apps range. How have these two add-ons, developed by IIS, enhanced your experience of using SAP Business One?

Dennis van der Meijden: For sales, B1 360° is a must. One of our suppliers uses a similar add-on but they aren’t able to view the information that B1 360° provides in one dashboard. B1 360° gives us immediate access to information on goods delivered in the last year, current orders, service calls, any agreed prices/discounts, and contracts – all in one place.

After a few months using B1 Email, we realized how it speeds up the process of contacting customers and suppliers. We’re now looking at ways that other departments in the business can improve their processes by using B1 Email.

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Have you witnessed any reduction in costs since implementation?

Dennis van der Meijden: Because we have better insight into our stock requirements, we’ve reduced the cost of our stock handling. We’ve also witnessed productivity gains in our financial and sales departments. In the longer term, we are convinced we’ll also save money on labor hours.

What about a return on investment?

Dennis van der Meijden: The short-term ROI has been made very quickly – especially through digital invoicing. On average, a paper invoice costs us around €1 and we send out around 25,000 per year – plus many more payment reminders. Then there are the productivity gains for each employee on their daily tasks. One thing I learned through the years is that you can’t simply only count your savings, but SAP Business One is saving us money – that’s for sure. We feel that SAP Business One has already given us a lot of improvements and we’re sure there is more to come in the future.

How would you describe the customer service provided by IIS?

Dennis van der Meijden: We’ve definitely noticed the expansion of Dutch-speaking employees recently. Generally, our contact with IIS – from the sales manager, consultant, and customer service department – has been positive.

IIS is an accredited member of the SAP Global Partner Quality program.