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The past few weeks have seen several new business apps make their debut in the SAP Store. Here, you can find out about five of them:

  1. SAP Business Process Analytics: analyze KPIs on your mobile device and share them by e-mail
  2. SAP Job Progress Monitor: keep an eye on your processes by arranging them in groups
  3. cuDocument Browser: full-text search for files from SAP’s document management system
  4. Mobile Travel Expense Management: submit travel expenses while still on the move
  5. Mobile Inventory and Warehouse Management: reduce the time it takes to find warehouse space for goods
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SAP Business Process Analytics

This app helps you view and analyze KPIs on your iPad. The figures it displays give you a quick overview of current developments and can identify ways in which you could improve your processes. With the touch of a button, you can apply various filters to your data, add comments to the results of analyses, and send them off by e-mail.

Designed for employees who handle business processes, SAP Business Process Analytics is integrated with the application management component of SAP Solution Manager. It requires use of the business process analysis tool of SAP Solution Manager – including the corresponding mobile services – and iOS 6.0 or later.

The app is available here in the SAP Store.

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SAP Job Progress Monitor

SAP Job Progress Monitor makes it possible to monitor business processes in real time and obtain overviews on a tablet or smartphone about how process chains are progressing. You can also combine processes into groups and monitor them together. For each individual chain or group, the app displays the progress percentage of planned, ongoing, or finished processes. It also enables you to send snapshots of the current status by e-mail.

SAP Job Progress Monitor interfaces with SAP Solution Manager, which is why the latter solution is required to use the app. It runs on smartphones and tablets (Android 4.0 / iOS 5.1 or later).

You can find it in the SAP Store here.

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Photo: Screenshot

cuDocument Browser from Circle Unlimited

cuDocument Browser gives iPad users access to all of the documents they keep in SAP’s document management system. You can also perform full-text searches on your files. Meanwhile, the app includes cuSmarText Foundation – Circle Unlimited’s own SAP-integrated document management system – which offers reminders on deadlines and to-do items, digital folders, and other functions. It therefore lets decision-makers know when urgent action is needed.

cuDocument Browser supports iPads running iOS 7.0 or later.

You can find it here in the SAP Store.

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Mobile Travel Expense Management from Innovapptive

Also known as mTravelEx, this app enables you to enter business travel expenses on the go, as soon as you accrue them. It provides an overview of charges placed on the company credit card, uploads photographed receipts as attachments, and can complete your travel expense claims and transfer them to an SAP system even before you get home.

You can find it in the SAP Store here.

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Mobile Inventory and Warehouse Management from Certified IT Consultants (CIC)

This app is designed to help users ensure greater accuracy when taking stock of warehouse inventory. In addition to facilitating real-time entry of goods movements, it can provide information on goods that have been delivered, the corresponding times, the goods’ condition, and more. Mobile Inventory and Warehouse Management also determines the quickest routes warehouse employees can take to store goods. Users can then use the app to confirm placements at the allotted locations. Finally, the app provides a current stock overview to help the shipping of orders on time.

Mobile Inventory and Warehouse Management is an add-on for SAP Business Suite that runs on Windows Mobile devices. Using it requires the following SAP components: SAP ERP ECC 6 or later, SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 SP3, SAP_BASIS (release 731, Windows Mobile version), and Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1.

The app is available in the SAP Store.