The 5 Top Apps for March 2014

Foto: iStockphoto
Foto: iStockphoto

If you’re looking for useful business apps, don’t miss our recommendations for this month:

  1. SAP Solution Manager Dashboards: preconfigured visual aids for IT infrastructure analysis
  2. ListNote Speech: dictate your notes and save them as encrypted text
  3. Zippy – Tasks and Reminders: face up to your inner procrastinator
  4. Sticky Notes !: pin virtual notes (including alarms) to your device’s screen
  5. TripIt Travel Organizer: let your next itinerary plan itself
Foto: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

SAP Solution Manager Dashboards

SAP Solution Manager might help you manage an array of SAP applications, but it’s been lacking a mobile complement for the iPad – at least until now. SAP Solution Manager Dashboards displays preconfigured visuals that enable you to optimize core business processes and IT infrastructure, no matter where you are. You can peruse the app’s numerous dashboards in overviews or individually in full-screen mode. In overview mode, you have the option of resizing certain visuals and arranging them according to your needs. The app also enables you to send dashboard screenshots by e-mail.

In addition to using SAP Solution Manager, you’ll need to have your organization’s IT department activate a number of mobile services in order to use this app. If you’d like to test-drive SAP Solution Manager Dashboards, you can do so with a collection of sample data. The app supports iPads running on iOS 5 or later.

You can find it in the SAP Store here.

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Foto: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

ListNote Speech by Khymaera

Tired of typing? Then why not dictate your notes right to your smartphone and let ListNote Speech save them as text? Along with indexing your notes to enable easy searching, the app includes a number of text-editing functions: you can type in text, edit dictated notes, and paste in text from other applications. To help you manage everything, ListNote Speech also offers several sorting options – stars for particularly important notes, for example, and colored labels and categories to keep them all organized. Those who feel the need to share can do so by text message, e-mail, or tweet. Notes no one else should see, on the other hand, can be secured with a password. ListNote Speech also applies AES encryption to everything beyond the 20th letter of your notes, which enables you to find them again based on the unencrypted content.

The free app’s finer points include:

–          The Time to Breathe function, which lets you define how long the app will wait before turning itself off

–          The option of speaking the words “quotation mark” to add the corresponding punctuation to a note

ListNote Speech supports devices running on Android 2.2 or later and also requires Google Voice Search (which now comes preinstalled on most Android smartphones).

Find the app in the Google Play store.

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Foto: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Zippy – Tasks and Reminders by Amit Wadhawan

Apps meant to help you plan your work responsibilities and appointments are hardly in short supply. What makes Zippy stand out from the crowd is the way it gives you insights into your own personal habits and shows you how to improve your approach to meeting your deadlines. In doing so, the app creates an infographic that includes the following information:

–          How many tasks you’ve completed early, right on time, and too late

–          The times of day when you plan best and when you’re most likely to finish tasks

–          How often you put off tasks

Zippy makes it easy to add new tasks, tag them, and sort them accordingly. The overview it provides then displays tasks in the order in which they need to be completed. With just a touch or two, you can postpone tasks and put them back on your to-do list at a later point in time. The app also enables you to share your agenda with others by means of text messages, e-mails, Twitter, or Facebook.

While Zippy is optimized for iPhone 5, it also supports iPads, iPod touches, and other iPhones running on iOS 7.0 or later.

Find it here in Apple’s App Store.

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Foto: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Sticky Notes ! by DroidVeda LLP

Even in the age of the smartphone, those little adhesive reminders continue to serve us well. The Sticky Notes ! app turns them virtual and lets you attach them to the screen of your Android smartphone. You can fill notes of varying colors and sizes with text in different fonts and display them on your home or lock screen. If you need a bit more help keeping track of things, you also have the option of setting alarms with your choice of separate ringtones and volumes. To move from one note to the next, all you have to do is swipe. The app’s search function, meanwhile, can help you get right to the one you need. If you feel like going over your notes while driving, Sticky Notes! can even read them out to you.  It also enables you to share your thoughts through Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, and text messages.

Sticky Notes ! requires Android 2.0 or later.

The app is available from the Google Play store.

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Foto: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

TripIt Travel Organizer from TripIt, Inc.

TripIt Travel Organizer can take your booked flights, hotel confirmations, and other documents and compile a full itinerary for your next trip. All you need to do is send your travel-related e-mails to a TripIt e-mail address: the app will then create a detailed travel plan that includes everything from checking in at the airport and picking up your rental car to your hotel stay and restaurant dinners. You can then call up your itinerary from any number of supported devices and fill it out with planned routes, local maps, and weather forecasts for different locations. TripIt Travel Organizer also provides for synchronization with your Google or Outlook calendar. You can make manual edits to your plans and share them by e-mail or on social networks. For those who travel often, TripIt also offers a paid version with enhanced functions, including for reimbursements and real-time alarms for flight delays.

TripIt Travel Organizer supports devices running at least Android 3.0 or iOS 6.0.

Find it here in Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store.