SAP at CeBIT 2014

Foto: SAP
The SAP booth at CeBIT 2013. (Photo: SAP)

Big Data, cloud computing, and visionary working models are the three topics that SAP will be focusing on at this year’s CeBIT, the digital industry’s biggest trade fair. The tagline for cloud, for instance, is “Simplify your work.” An example from social CRM shows how this works: to provide individual customer care, companies can use data from different sources. Sales employees have access to up-to-date information from every perspective. With SAP HANA, it’s all about data processing in real time. To illustrate this, cooperation between SAP and the German Football Association (DFB) will be showcased.

Individual offerings and targeted marketing campaigns for soccer fans will be the focus here. To be right at the forefront in the future, too, the DFB plans to shift its SAP applications to the SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA. With SAP Vision, experts will explain what role mobile apps, real-time analyses, and automated processes will play in the working world of the future. What’s more, visitors will be able to experience how machines will communicate in tomorrow’s smart factories and how they will report any possible malfunctions to service technicians themselves.

Spotlight on innovation

Experts from IT, industry, sport, and entertainment will be appearing as part of the SAP stage event. They will be presenting projects, sharing their ideas, and discussing current trends with the industry professionals in the audience. Jürgen Rixgens, TV presenter and executive coach will act as the guide through the program. An external reporter will bring impressions, opinions, and questions from visitors by live stream onto the stage.

The most important topics will be:

  • IT in competitive sport: What’s already possible and where we are headed.
  • Co-create sessions: SAP partners and customers show how they are revolutionizing their business with SAP HANA or cloud solutions. Furthermore: how head-mounted displays are finding their way into the business world.
  • SAP start-ups: Young entrepreneurs report on how they’re following their path to success.
  • SAP InnoJam: 100 students, 30 hours. In the year’s most exciting coding competition, the ideas of the young talents are what count.

In the SAP Think Tank sessions, innovators and lateral thinkers give an insight into their research and reveal what they are currently working on.

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Why SAP needs to attract millennials, why the cloud is the most important topic, and how IT is changing our day-to-day lives: a short interview with Michael Kleinemeier, President Middle & Eastern Europe at SAP AG. Mr. Kleinemeier, SAP’s motto for CeBIT this year is “Join the Team.” What exactly is meant by this?
Michael Kleinemeier: With the motto “Join the Team,” we are, of course, addressing SAP’s customers and partners – but we’re also approaching young startup companies, developers and developer communities, and young talents, known as millennials. We want to bring people, companies, and processes together using our technology platforms. We’ll use CeBIT to take stock while, at the same time, looking ahead to 2015. By then, we want to reach a billion people worldwide with SAP software.

SAP focus: Cloud computing and data processing with SAP HANA


And what will SAP be focusing on here?
Kleinemeier: Definitely on cloud solutions. This is where we’re sure the future of enterprise IT will be. Furthermore, we’ll be concentrating on processing mass data with the SAP HANA platform. That’s why we switched the SAP Business Suite software over to SAP HANA in 2013. This year, in the next step, we want to make it possible for our customers to run SAP Business Suite in the cloud, too. So we’re continuing to integrate our cloud and on-premise products. This will give our on-premise customers scope to simply connect SAP HANA real-time processes and the flexibility of cloud computing, and to use both.

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Cloud, SAP HANA, and new business models closely dovetailed


How will this be reflected in SAP’s presence at CeBIT?
Kleinemeier: We’ll give visitors an insight into how our platform technologies and IT will change people’s day-to-day lives  – at work, while playing sport, for those looking for jobs, for those driving cars. The possibilities are almost endless. Our cloud solutions, the SAP HANA platform, and new business models are closely dovetailed. It hasn’t been about accelerating individual processes for a long time now. At CeBIT, we’ll explain this whole unit using a wide range of different examples. Just stop by and see for yourself!