If you’re an SAP partner looking for additional resources to power your sales strategy, be sure to get in contact with your partner service advisor (PSA) at SAP Partner Service Delivery (PSD).

You’ll find a wide range of sales-enabling tools and initiatives to get you up to speed on technologies that complement your business strategy. Whether it’s SAP HANA, cloud, mobile, or one of many other SAP innovations, PSD can line you up with experts, educational resources, demos, tools, plus marketing and sales support to prepare your team to go in front of the customer with confidence, as well as deliver a quality implementation that results in greater customer satisfaction.

SAP Mobile Apps Adoption Drives Sales

In May 2013, PSD launched the SAP Mobile Apps Adoption campaign to enable partners on mobile apps designed for complex processes, including SAP Work Manager, SAP Inventory Manager, SAP CRM Service Manager, and SAP Rounds Manager. A top priority of the campaign was to support SAP partners in driving demand generation with the goal of generating their sales pipelines for these mobile applications.

Atos IT Solutions and Services Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand, was among the partners in the Asia-Pacific region to join the campaign. After an initial conversation with SAP PSA Kevin Li, Atos expressed interest in finding out more about how these mobile applications could complement its SAP solutions portfolio. The PSA was able to guide the partner to a PSD mobile specialist, who could answer their questions and guide them in their decision making.

SAP PSD mobile specialist David Zeng recalls, “After I heard from their PSA that Atos is interested in developing their business in mobile applications, I immediately arranged the 1:1 deep dive session with ample materials available to support them throughout the process, working alongside their PSA.”

In addition, Zeng made sure that Atos had all the information and SAP resources it needed to position its offering confidently in the competitive Asian market. “Later on, we provided them with more completed emblements and marketing assets to further support them in sales activities,” says Zeng.

Atos got up to speed quickly and moved ahead with developing its mobile applications business. By the end of the year, Atos had generated a healthy sales pipeline in this area. Teerapol Inkate, Sales Manager for Atos, thanked Li and Zeng for their support, saying, “Referring to the 1:1 deep-dive focus session we joined with you last year, we reckoned that the session and assets you provided are very helpful to our sales activities. The materials and interaction with SAP were useful to Atos in developing its business in the mobile apps area.”

Looking ahead into 2014, Inkate says, “We found these efforts very productive and we feel that Atos is well positioned now in its sales activities for 2014.”

5 Tips for Better Sales – from SAP Partner Service Delivery

Why not let SAP Partner Service Delivery help you grow your SAP business this year? Here are five sales tips to get you started.

  • Prepare for effective sales interactions with PEC: Take time to explore the SAP Partner Enablement Center (S-user) to find out about expert sessions, eLearnings, workshops, in-person classes, as well as tools and assets on sales tips to prepare for sales calls with a prospect or customer.
  • Use SAP partner demo options to deliver best-in-class demos: It is very important to present best-in-class demos to prospects to make a positive impact. However, it is crucial to deploy the right demo option at the right moment for the benefits of your prospects and customers. SAP On-Premise and Demo Cloud options offer you the right choices to deliver appropriate demos during the sales cycle.
  • Introduce SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions in the conversationSAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (S-user) offer customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of SAP solutions through affordable, scalable packages that combine pre-configured software and implementation services. Customers get the functionality they need now, with room to grow.
  • Use SAP sales tools to demonstrate solution value: SAP makes available a set of highly specialized sales tools – such as solution value calculators – that can help you when talking with prospects and customers. Your PSA can guide you to the right tools for your customer meetings.
  • Always talk with your Partner Service Advisor: Your designated Partner Service Advisor (PSA) can help you to connect with experts from various SAP organizations, as well as identify additional SAP channel resources and opportunities to drive sales.

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