Turning Management on its Head

Management Innovation eXchange (MIX) is a collaborative project aimed at changing what it means to manage. It’s a spur to revolution, one that’ll blast practices emphasizing top-down control, discipline, and soulless efficiency back where they came from – the Industrial Age.

To hasten change, the MIX kick-starts conversations about the challenges managers today face. This one, between Gary Hamel, MIX co-founder and author of The Future of Management, and SAP Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Becher, is on the subject of human potential as it relates to organizational management.


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Becher and Hamel touch on several issues the Unlimited Human Potential Challenge seeks to address. Launched by SAP on the MIX M-Prize platform, the challenge aims to identify and celebrate individuals and institutions with inventive approaches to unleashing human capacity and aggregating human capability.

Creating an Inspiring Work Environment

Unleashing capacity refers to taking an action, such as designing a work environment that inspires people to go ‘all in’ at work every day, contributing the full extent of their imagination, initiative, and passion. An example of aggregating capability: devising a plan to recruit, organize, manage, and retain employee and stakeholder contributors.

If these topics intrigue you, there’s still time to take part in the challenge. Take a moment to review the contest details (click ‘How to Play’ tab) and see the entries submitted so far.

Jonathon Becher is an M-Prize winner himself.  His story Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast won the Human Capital M-Prize in 2011.