SAP Business One Central to Plans at Docherty Group

The Docherty Group is one of the leading flue and chimney specialists in the UK. After being established in the 1960s, the manufacturer and distributor’s reputation for consistent quality, reliable products and excellent customer care across its branches and accredited dealers has seen the company grow in both popularity and size.

After a merger in 2010, Docherty Group decided to utilize SAP Business One across its business with the help of SAP partner IIS. In an interview with SAP, Docherty Group IT Manager Paul Sykes explains.

Q: What systems did Docherty Group have before implementing SAP Business One?

A: Docherty Group actually had a variety of systems which were being used across the business. There was SAP Business One, Sage, Epicor xVP and a bespoke system that staff were using on a daily basis. But the company decided to implement a single solution across the business before the Group’s last merger.

Q: How do you expect SAP Business One to benefit Docherty Group?

A: We’re confident that SAP Business One will boost levels of efficiency and productivity across the business. In fact, we’re already seeing signs of improvement – the solution is helping to improve every division in the company. We intend to use SAP Business One for absolutely everything within Docherty Group.

Q: What are the best attributes of SAP Business One?

A: I think the system is the best in the world for this size of company. It does everything that I want it to and it gives me a platform to extend as the Group does in the future. I have a five-year plan to turn Docherty’s Group into a world-class manufacturing and distribution unit. SAP Business One is at the heart of that plan. In fact, it will be the only system as it will mean I can rid of all of the little systems and spreadsheets and the ad-hoc systems that different departments could use.

Q: Alongside SAP Business One, the company has also implemented a number of B1 Apps. How does the company use these?

A: The B1 Email add-on is great. It enables me to send out emails to our customer base in two clicks of a button instead of ten. The program automatically prints out statement labels, which enables us to save money on postage costs. In fact, the money that we’ve saved on postage costs through the use of B1 Email, has been reinvested back into the business into machinery that has streamlined the manual process of sending letters to customers.

IIS is an accredited member of the SAP Partner Quality program.
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