SAP Broadens Its Developer Community Engagement With Code for America Sponsorship


NEWTOWN SQUARE — SAP AG today announced that it will be a Code for America Brigade sponsor in 2014, partnering with the developer community and connecting the grassroots skills and energy of more than 3,000 volunteers worldwide to SAP technology and innovation, including free developer access. The sponsorship will benefit SAP public sector customers, particularly urban and municipal governments, and supports the SAP Urban Matters initiative.

Code for America is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that helps residents and governments harness technology to solve community problems. The organization has a track record of successfully collaborating with city governments and volunteers to unlock the power of municipal data for the benefit of everyone. A key player in the “civic hacktivism” movement, Code for America now works with cities across the United States and in Japan, Mexico and Poland.

“The true power of the SAP HANA platform can only be realized when we empower our ecosystem to develop entire new applications with the power of our technologies,” said Ingrid Van Den Hoogen, senior vice president, Products & Innovation, SAP AG. “Working with Code for America, we will be able to tap into the endless opportunities we have to solve the world’s problems with software and amplifying human abilities.”

As an ecosystem of developers and startups rapidly develops around SAP technologies, SAP envisions empowering an ecosystem of customers, partners and developers to build entirely new applications powered by its technologies in the cloud. SAP recognizes the importance of providing easy access to the SAP HANA platform and is working to cross-pollinate every area of its business with external technical creativity and talent. The Code for America relationship and the civic hackathons it will involve are an important step in achieving this vision.

The Code for America Brigade program supports local volunteer groups that are collaborating with their local government in efforts to make their community better for everyone. Brigades hold regular hack nights and events, advocate for open data and deploy apps. Currently in 31 cities and four countries, Brigade volunteers and local government officials are creating new avenues for civic engagement and working to create an open and participatory city hall.

“We are grateful for SAP’s support of Code for America’s Brigade program through the SAP Urban Matters and developer relations initiatives,” said Bob Sofman, executive director, Code for America. “Companies like SAP recognize the power of opening up government data to facilitate collaboration between cities and residents and quickly improve communities.”

The SAP Urban Matters program is an initiative to help urban businesses, governments and people create best-run cities. It supports the fundamentals of good government, empowers public officials to be more productive, increases community engagement and openness, drives innovation around government service delivery and improves urban resilience to help ensure public safety and security.

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