Advanced Analytics from SAP Recognized Among Industry Leaders by Independent Research Firm


WALLDORF — The power of collective insight lies in the ability to enable users to engage, visualize and predict to understand their business and drive better decisions. SAP AG today announced it has been named among the “victors” in the 2014 “Hurwitz Victory Index Report for Advanced Analytics,” a testament to the company’s ability to deliver an advanced analytics solution that enables users to predict and act in real time.

“Today’s analytics platforms are helping customers solve more diverse and increasingly complex business challenges. Companies are analyzing larger and more varied sources of data, including both structured and unstructured data. Organizations are able to use new advanced analytics tools to build more accurate predictive models faster and more easily than in the past. The need to analyze large, complex data sets in near real time has led to the demand for increased computational power, in-memory analytics and in-database analysis,” said Daniel Kirsch, senior analyst, Hurwitz. “SAP, like the other vendors earning ‘victor’ status, provides a powerful analytic platform that is helping customers address a variety of business challenges.”

For the Hurwitz Victory Index Report for Advanced Analytics, a survey was conducted in the first quarter of 2014 and examined the top trends for end users to consider. It analyzed 10 vendors across four key dimensions: vision, viability, validity and value. Hurwitz & Associates surveyed more than 465 advanced analytics users across industries including manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, professional sports and government agencies. SAP was named “victor” for both go-to-market strength and customer experience strength.

Advanced predictive analytics from SAP allows users to confidently anticipate what comes next in order to drive better business outcomes by universally applying advanced analytics to information and processes. SAP offers an integrated set of solutions that enable users to combine the power of predictive processing and intuitive modelling using the SAP HANA platform as well as advanced data visualization and model automation through advance analytics solutions.

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