The much anticipated match of Brazil vs. Mexico resulted in a 0-0 draw this Tuesday. But while no goals were scored on the field, social media users have already picked their winners.


Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo “Memo” Ochoa staved off Brazil’s attack from eight shots on goal and was mentioned 627,753 times in social platforms, according to a monitoring report generated with the SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase solution. At the end of the game (5 PM EDT), social-favorability towards the Mexican player ranked 62 percent for posts made in Spanish, 78 percent for posts in English, and -24 percent for posts in Portuguese.

At the same time, Brazil’s star man, Neymar Jr, was mentioned 89,174 times in social platforms. Social-favorability toward the Brazilian forward ranked 55 percent for posts in Spanish, 34 percent for posts in English, and 99 percent for posts in Portuguese.

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