Fostering IT Talent in Asia

The Asia-Pacific region is home to 4.2 billion people. Over the last few years, it has seen a rapid increase in the founding of new companies, and holds huge potential for innovation that could be leveraged with the help of ambitious new talents.

In conjunction with Singapore’s top universities and the National Research Foundation, SAP is offering a doctoral student scholarship for young IT talent via an industry PhD scholar program. Elite universities participating include Nanyang Technological University, the National University of Singapore, and the Singapore Management University, and the program will soon be expanded to include the National University of Sciences and Technology.

SAP Innovates in Asia

Asia is synonymous with economic growth and is well known as a source of cutting-edge developments. Millennials are participating at the forefront of this innovation, developing new technology together with SAP in Asia. Seen as the innovation-drivers of tomorrow, this new generation plays a key role reinventing technology. They are used to accessing information at any time and place they want, and have a constant desire to be up to date.

“It motivates me to observe and follow progress, and then always go one step further. The more often we pay witness to innovations, the more productive we are in the long term,” says Yi Song, a millennial and PhD student at the National University of Singapore, and an intern at the SAP Research center Singapore.

Through this PhD program, SAP wants to contribute to innovation in Asia by nurturing young talents and driving new technologies and solutions. With its modern, well-developed infrastructure and a high density of high-potential students, Singapore is an excellent location for innovation. The city combines modernity with great cultural variety.

“Looking at the dynamics at play here, the great number of young people, the amount of energy, human energy, you just realize why so much innovation takes place,” says Professor Steven Miller, Vice Provost (Research) and Dean at the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University.

The SAP Research center opened in Singapore in 2012 and is one of the biggest IT research centers worldwide, making it an ideal competence center for the PhD candidates and other developers to work together on new technologies.

Designing the Future

The scholar program from SAP offers participants a post-graduate position at one of the most renowned universities in Asia, interwoven with practical experience at SAP. Candidates participate in actual projects that deal with Big Data and business intelligence, and focus on healthcare, education, trade, and logistics.

Dr. Falk Brauer summarizes the experiences he had during the program: “Completing a PhD at SAP is a highly valuable, industry-specific experience. You learn how to turn ideas into software projects, and how to deal with customers.” Brauer is R&D manager of the SAP Research center in Singapore.

To qualify for the PhD program, candidates should check that they meet the relevant university criteria and then submit an application. The ideal candidates are students with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in mathematics or computer science, and with strong interest in new technologies as well as a desire to further his or her academic development and complete a PhD. Once both the scientific and practical modules of the program are completed, the candidates are awarded a PhD from the university they were enrolled in. The first batch of students is expected to enroll this year.


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