You can now virtually accompany your customers throughout their entire journey – mobile, personalized, and in real time.

Making the most of your commute to work on the bus or metro has never been easier: Using the STM Merci app, customers of the Sociéte de Transport de Montréal (STM) receive exclusive offers for cultural events, sports, and entertainment during their daily commute, as well as personalized information about the route they are taking. Through this loyalty program, STM wants to directly reward users of the STM Opus card (a chip card from which ticket fares are deducted) during their journey. Together with SAP, STM is redefining the commuting experience for its customers.

“Given SAP’s great credibility as a partner, we are very confident we will be able to meet and exceed our goals with SAP Precision Marketing,” explains Pierre Bourbonniere, Director of Marketing at STM. The SAP Precision Marketing solution enables companies to run micromarketing campaigns for their customers, providing them with geolocalized information in real time. As such, STM can customize its offers for every single one of its 1.2 million passengers.

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Caption: The STM Merci app: Combining the strengths of Big Data, analytics, cloud, and mobile in a single app

Personalized Offers for More than 1.6 Billion Passengers Worldwide

Today’s travelers expect public transport and travel companies to know who the customers are and what they want. It can be quite tedious being asked for an ID number every time you call a company, or receiving special offers for products you’ve already purchased. Consequently, companies need to offer seamless customer service through a variety of channels. Consumer engagement solutions from SAP are industry-specific solutions based on SAP HANA, mobile, analytics, and cloud technology that enable customers to cater to consumers’ personal tastes better than ever before.

STM’s customer loyalty program is just one example of the potential of consumer engagement solutions from SAP, to serve their customers individually throughout their entire journey. Powered by SAP HANA, consumer engagement solutions are recording all interactions between customers and Web sites, social networks, booking systems, and other channels and then conducting extensive analyses on this data stream in real time. Whatever the transportation sector – metro, buses, or airplanes – the detailed view of passengers that results allows companies to significantly improve their customer processes.

Improving In-Flight Service

Another example is the Crew Companion app. Currently available as a demo version, it helps airlines provide a more personal service to their passengers before, during, and after the flight. The app replaces paper passenger lists, which previously had to be printed out by cabin crew members before every flight. The electronic list contains information about every passenger aboard the flight – data that helps the cabin crew take best possible care of them. In addition, the crew has mobile access to information about delayed connecting flights, booked meals, current weather forecasts, and how content the passengers are.

Real-time processing of passenger data is creating new opportunities for airlines, radically changing their business model away from mere transportation and towards being retailers in the sky.

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