New Tool Makes Using SAP HANA a Breeze

SAP HANA Answers provides valuable tips and assistance for users of the SAP HANA database.

Anyone who uses the SAP HANA database as part of their daily work routine is bound to have a question about it now and then. The newly released SAP HANA Answers tool is on hand to help. A single click takes users to the world of SAP HANA documentation and collaboration ― where they can ask their questions without leaving SAP HANA studio or the project they are working on.

“Now SAP HANA users have a powerful tool – at a click of the mouse – to quickly troubleshoot their projects thereby increasing development productivity,” says Mark Hourani, who is senior director of SAP HANA product management and responsible for the SAP HANA topics of troubleshooting, advanced analysis, and security. “This tool gives them access to a vast network of expert knowledge and advice.”

SAP HANA Answers aims to improve the productivity of the people who use SAP HANA by providing expert troubleshooting assistance. And, because errors are documented on an ongoing basis, SAP HANA Answers will also help fix problems in the long run.

The Benefits of SAP HANA Answers at a Glance

  • It helps users solve problems faster and increases their productivity
  • It provides SAP HANA-related documentation and crowd-sourced information
  • It connects users to SAP Cloud and the SAP HANA network
  • It notifies users of replies and new information of interest
  • It optimizes SAP HANA troubleshooting by searching SAP and community content

SAP HANA Answers is a hybrid solution consisting of a Web application and a plug-in for SAP HANA studio. It therefore has both an on-premise and a cloud component. The plug-in was written as a standard Eclipse plug-in, while the Web application is powered by SAP HANA, built using SAP HANA XS, and runs on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

SAP HANA Answers provides answers in the blink of an eye and helps users come to grips with and leverage the SAP HANA database – no matter whether they are customers, partners, SAP employees, developers, administrators, or users of apps that run on the SAP HANA platform. The tool became available with SAP HANA SPS08. To access SAP HANA Answers, visit

SAP HANA Network: Wealth of Information in the Cloud

The cloud component functions as an in-memory knowledge base into which information is fed on an ongoing basis. This means that solutions to errors become available to other users fast.

So where does the information in the tool come from? SAP HANA Answers combines material from the SAP HANA help documentation and from the SAP HANA Community, including documents, videos, blogs, discussion forums, and current troubleshooting from, SAP Community Network, and the SAP Help Portal.


SAP HANA Answers in SAP HANA Studio

The SAP HANA Answers plug-in can be installed in SAP HANA studio SPS5 or later. An SAP UI5-supported browser is required.pic2

More often than not, the solution to a problem is just a click away: “Whenever users need help, all they have to do is press the F10 key or click the SAP HANA Answers logo and enter their query. They then receive a list of the most relevant SAP HANA content directly in SAP HANA studio,” says Hourani.

The tool is the result of a development project undertaken by SAP HANA product management, the Innovation Center Team, and the SAP HANA studio development team. SAP employees and customers are already working enthusiastically with the tool. Click here to access SAP HANA Answers and install the plug-in. Registration enables voting, posting, and notification capabilities.

Learn more about SAP HANA Answers in the videos from the SAP HANA Academy:

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