A Quick Assessment for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP is once again turning its attention to hosting ― with the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service. A new online assessment helps customers find out which services are relevant and estimates the costs involved.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud was launched in May 2013 – for business processes, for customer management, or simply as a database. One advantage is that all SAP HANA-based SAP solutions can be hosted directly at SAP.

“We want to make the implementation and use of SAP HANA technology as easy as possible for the customer,” says Klaus Drews of Business Development Services for Central and Eastern Europe. “SAP’s hosting offering eliminates the time-consuming acquisition of new hardware, the establishment of SAP expertise, and the laborious creation of implementation plans.”

Quick Assessment Delivers a Report with Potential Costs and Recommended Services Within Five Days

Depending on how heavily customers want to invest in SAP HANA-based cloud offerings, they have the choice of going with either the hosting of a project system or with a proof of concept (POC) configuration that the company can use to test the technology. Until recently, if a customer wanted a cost estimation, the sales department had to be contacted, who in turn would have to bring various experts on board. “Too complicated,” according to Drews.

“For  customers, assessing the costs of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and the value it will add to their individual SAP system is now just as easy as it is to use SAP hosting and run SAP systems based on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud,” Drews promises.

Interested parties can now specify their requirements using the enterprise cloud quick assessment online questionnaire. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud experts use this information to determine the potential costs for hosting the SAP system in question and to suggest services that will enable a “secure, fast, and easy migration to the cloud,” says Drews.

Selecting the best-suited services is not always an easy task; depending on the industry and SAP solution, SAP offers hundreds of services that customers need to find out about before they can even begin to make a choice. To simplify this process, SAP has developed the quick assessment tool especially to assist with the selection of a suitable SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service.

Online Questionnaire Takes Five to 10 Minutes

The assessment aims to address basic questions before an initial meeting even takes place. This eliminates the need for lengthy teleconferences and facilitates a faster progression to the core aspects of the project, reducing experts’ time expenditure on both the customer’s and SAP’s side. As Drews explains: “You fill out an online questionnaire in five to 10 minutes, and five days later you will have a report on your desk.”

In Drews’ experience, approximately four out of five customers’ questions or concerns are directly addressed by the quick assessment, thanks to the way it is structured. The question that asks about the goal of the project, for example, aims to establish whether the potential customer is already a client of SAP, and which application is of particular interest. “In most cases, companies are looking for SAP to  host SAP ERP, SAP CRM, or SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA,” Drews explains.

Before the start of the project, not every customer is fully convinced of the benefits that in-memory technology from SAP provides. For this reason, another assessment question aims to establish whether the customer initially just wants a project system, or whether a production system is to be deployed from the get-go.

“For example, customers that want to implement a CRM project system will receive mail from a technical sales contact person after five days, while customers who want to build a production system will receive the report and further information from a global specialist working for our business development team,” says Drews.

Take the quick assessment for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud here.

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