Cloud Solution Waves Goodbye to Paperwork

Cab receipts, restaurant bills, train tickets. The list goes on. Business travelers need to keep and manage a vast array of paper receipts when they’re on the move. The SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense solution is here to make their lives easier.

Everyone can identify with the scenario: Taxi receipts, restaurant bills, and train tickets collected over a two-week period lie scattered across your desk. But which business trip does each ticket and receipt belong to? Where did that cab journey start and end? Who dined with you at that restaurant and why? And, the longer ago the trip took place, the harder it becomes to remember the details.

Capture Receipts on Your Smartphone

Never fear, help is at hand! When you take a taxi cab to the train station, you simply write your departure and destination points on the fare receipt, take a picture of the document with your smartphone, and – without future ado – the information is captured and stored in SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense.

This cloud-based solution from SAP, which is integrated in ERP, not only makes it easier for employees to manage their travel and expense documents. It also accelerates the process of getting business trips approved and having upfront payments reimbursed. The information required by managers is sent straight to their smartphones or tablets so that they can process requests and approvals on the fly.


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More information is also available in a German-language webinar.

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