A Journey Through the Networked Economy

As you sit in a restaurant you peruse the menu, which is on an electronic tablet. Not sure what to order? No problem, this is a restaurant you frequent, so you are presented with menu recommendations based on your preferences.

8-8-2014 10-46-17 AMYour smart watch communicates your fitness progress to the menu; the tablet highlights suitable calorie combination meals to meet your goals. Nah! You’re here for the big game on TV; you want the double cheeseburger, fries and a milk shake. After that meal, your smart watch lets you know how much further you’ll have to walk to meet today’s fitness goal.

After a stunning victory, it’s time to head home. It’s only a few blocks to your downtown apartment, but the street is dark as you turn the corner. But illumination beckons as the smart streetlights brighten, detecting you walking down the street.

You arrive safe and secure to your building. Just as you’re getting on the elevator, that knows what floor you live on, your phone buzzes, it asks you to rate the experiences from this evening. This not only creates a more informed recommendation for your next night out, it helps a broader audience to make more optimal choices, which in turn drives improved service offerings from local business.

Buzz! It’s morning, why did your smart watch wake you 45 minutes earlier than normal? Oh! Guess you forgot to walk off that double cheeseburger urand fries last night, you’ll need to get those steps in before work.

This is not science fiction but the future that awaits us in the Networked Economy. As we enter an era of hyperconnectivity – where individuals, businesses and societies are becoming inter-connected in real time we will become more collaborative, intelligent, responsive and efficient. The Networked Economy will transform the way we live and work, how business runs and how society functions.

To see how the Networked Economy will affect your daily life, click on the above infographic and follow Alex through a day that will be commonplace very soon.

Download a PDF of the infographic.

This story originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.
Top image: Shutterstock