Retailer Saves £150k with SAP Business One – Part II

In the first part of our interview with Richard Gaughan, Systems Integration Manager at Aydya Ltd, he explained how the retailer had made savings in the region of £150k over the last 10 years using SAP Business One.

Here, he continues to discuss the improvements the company has made since using the ERP solution over the last decade and how SAP gold partner IIS provides the best standard of support the company has ever experienced.

Q: Stocks outs are something all companies are eager to avoid. How has SAP Business One helped Aydya Ltd achieve this and improved order fulfillment?

A: SAP Business One allows us to provide a better sales experience. Because the data is accurately managed in SAP Business One we can look after our customers better. We’re reassured that our data is accurate so we can provide a better service. We can tell them immediately when an item is out of stock and we have a reliable stock level. In fact, there probably isn’t an area of customer service that hasn’t improved since we implemented SAP Business One.

Q: What would you estimate your return on investment has been over the last 10 years using SAP Business One?

A: SAP Business One has paid for itself many times over. It was evident from using the software during the first few months that it was going to do so. We’ve been using SAP Business One for more than a decade now and it’s certainly returned a huge return on investment. When you consider we previously employed an individual to manage two or three different systems, it has certainly paid for itself. Plus SAP Business One doesn’t have a sick day, always turns up on time and never has any dips in productivity!

Q: How has SAP Business One supported the growth of Aydya Ltd?

A: SAP Business One has given us a solid foundation to base all of our business decisions on. One thing which has been a significant improvement is the analysis of our sales figures. We’re able to identify problems really quickly and equally to spot trends.

Overall, the solution gives us a very good overview of our whole business in one application – and also in real-time. We can find key intelligence immediately and get access to our data that we need in order for us to make critical business decisions. SAP Business One is super-fast and it’s so easy for us to find the information we search for.

Q: Finally, how would you describe the levels of customer service and support provided by IIS over the last 10 years?

A: The service and support provided by IIS has always been excellent. The technical support at IIS is amongst the best experience that we’ve ever had from any company. It’s great to call up and speak to somebody and be on first name terms – in many cases we don’t even have to provide our account number. It’s great to have spoken to the same people over the years – they know us, and we know them. If we’ve ever had a problem, 9 times out of 10 the team at IIS fix the issue immediately. If they can’t, the team always replies with different solutions. It’s always been really good. I can’t really fault anything about IIS.

IIS is an accredited member of the SAP Partner Quality program.
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