Retailer Saves £150k with SAP Business One

UK-based retailer Aydya Ltd recently celebrated a decade using SAP Business One. Throughout this time IIS, an SAP gold partner specializing in SAP Business One, has worked closely with Aydya to maximize value from its SAP investment.

Having moved from a popular accounting software package and a bespoke CRM tool in 2003, Aydya Ltd has experienced huge cost savings and a return on investment many times over. In the first part of our interview with Richard Gaughan, Systems Integration Manager at Aydya Ltd, he explains how their SAP Business One retail solution has benefited all departments within the business.

Q: You’ve been using SAP Business One for more than a decade now. What sort of cost reductions have you witnessed over the last 10 years?

A: After the initial implementation we noticed a big reduction in costs. Between the two systems we previously had there was a lot of double entry of data and no integration. As a result, we had a lot of staff managing these systems. SAP Business One allowed us to massively reduce internal duplication and we no longer had to pay for development work on reports between the two old systems. This obviously saved us a lot of money and less man hours on a day-to-day basis for processing and data entry. The savings made in the beginning mean that we no longer have to pay anybody thousands of pounds each year to enter information twice into separate systems. Over a ten year period, that’s a significant saving.

Q: So how is SAP Business One now used across the business?

A: There are a number of companies that make up the Aydya ‘group’. These include Medea International Ltd, Aydya Ltd and Genie-s. These all use SAP Business One. Recently, we sold part of our business to another company and they were so impressed with SAP Business One that they’ve implemented their own solution with IIS. We’ve found that anybody who works with us seems to like SAP Business One and they want it for themselves.

Q: How has SAP Business One helped you manage stock levels? Have you noticed that Aydya Ltd has become more agile over the years?

A: We have a much better picture of stock levels now. When we were using two disparate systems there was a lot of batch processing. In fact, we never really knew at any point how much stock we actually had. But now with SAP Business One, we can analyse the different functionality and see months in advance how much stock we’re going to need, how much we have at present, and how much we’ll have in a month’s time. We just couldn’t do that before.

Q: So how has this influenced your inventory and distribution process then?

A: We’ve definitely been able to reduce our inventory costs. This is obviously something every business wants to do. By using the solution’s advanced stock tools it has helped us manage our inventory more efficiently. Overall, that means we have less money tied up in stock and have more cash to spend in other areas of the business.

Next week, the second part of this interview will cover how SAP Business One helped Aydya Ltd improve order fulfillment, boost customer service, and provide a foundation for growth; plus, how the levels of customer support by IIS have eclipsed anything else the company has experienced.

IIS is an accredited member of the SAP Partner Quality program.
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