KMD: More Time for Childcare

SAP UX Design Services and the Danish IT company KMD optimized the user experience of ordering processes at day care centers, enabling managers to spend more time taking care of the children.

Opportunity: Optimizing the Ordering Process

KMD (Kommune-data), one of Denmark’s leading IT and software companies, has been offering IT solutions for the local government, central government, and private sector for 40 years.

“We see employees and kindergarten managers becoming our new user group, more and more. They have a need for a very simple and targeted interface and low complexity. For them, usability is implied. It is not even something we discuss with them – it is just expected”, outlines Sine Dietrich Gregersen, Business Architect, KMD.

An SAP partner since 2005, KMD asked SAP to help them build user optimized solutions for the childcare industry. An SAP User Experience Design Services team was established to customize the user interface to allow KMD’s end-users who are not from an IT background, for example, day care managers and employees, to optimize the standard software according to their specific needs.

The goal of the collaboration was to provide a solution to meet managers’ needs and to enable them to spend more time taking care of the children.

Video: User Experience-driven Productivity Optimization - KMD UI prototype
Video: User Experience-driven Productivity Optimization – KMD UI prototype

Approach: Identifying and Overcoming Weaknesses

The SAP UX Design Services team tackled the problem in a structured approach using the Design Thinking method. To discover the manager’s needs, SAP User Experience Design Services carried out a two-day workshop at a children day care center and a kindergarten. The team analyzed the existing software and observed both the managers and the employees at work. The existing software was designed for ordering new material, but was not fit for purpose as the day care center needed to place the same order repeatedly. For this reason, folders and paper documents were still being used instead of electronic formats. It became clear that the ordering process had to be simplified.

With this in mind, the SAP UX Design Services team conducted user research in kindergartens to gain more insights and to develop ideas for an ideal user experience. The team kept the focus on the end users to design a new user interface for the re-ordering process. SAP UX Design Services generated end user-centered concepts that were then validated again at the kindergartens. The iterations were discussed and the results consolidated together with KMD.

Experience: Designing an Optimized User Experience

KMD and SAP User Experience Design Services developed a prototype for an improved user experience, technically connected to the SAP system. The newly designed application has been tested successfully at kindergartens and runs on both desktops and mobile devices.

“The work together with the customer was very beneficial. We came up with new ways to simplify, to optimize the design, to reduce complexity, to bring up useful defaults to the user and to make the whole thing much tighter for their needs”, reflected Kai Richter, UI Designer, SAP AG.

SAP UX Design Services has solved the problem in a short period of time and has enabled the customer and their partners to implement the solution. This allows the day care center managers to spend more quality time on the essential tasks of their job, which is taking care of the children.



High Tech

Customer Facts

  • Among Denmark’s leading software companies
  • Strategic partnership with SAP since 2005
  • IT knowledge since it was founded in 1972
SAP UX Design Services Benefits

  • Design Thinking workshop
  • Improved User Experience
  • Delivery of a working prototype

This story originally appeared on the SAP User Experience Community.