Web MessageAfter undergoing an external credit rating process, on September 19, 2014, SAP SE was assigned a first-time long-term issuer credit rating of “A2” by Moody’s and “A” by Standard & Poor’s, both with outlook “Stable”. The ratings incorporate an additional credit facility of up to €7bn for the expected acquisition of Concur, which covers the purchase price, target debt refinancing, and related transaction costs.

During the last few years, SAP has been active in the debt capital markets. Based on the strong financial profile, track record of fast debt repayments and proactive liquidity management, SAP has established a very strong reputation with debt investors.

While SAP has continuously realized successful financing transactions at attractive terms, an external rating provides SAP with the opportunity to broaden investor access and to optimally benefit from its high creditworthiness. An external rating provides investors, customers and suppliers with an independent view of SAP’s strength and stability as a business partner.

Please see the rating agencies’ reports/press releases:
Standard & Poor’s