SAP is proudly celebrating the Gold Award that the Design & Co-Innovation Center at SAP recently won for SAP Consumer Insight 365 at the 2014 User Experience Awards, which took place in San Francisco.

SAP Consumer Insight 365 is the new cloud offering powered by SAP HANA. It securely unlocks the value of mobile operator network data to provide customers with rich and actionable consumer insights and market intelligence.

By working closely with development, an intuitive and user-friendly tool was delivered. The modular data is divided into insight panels, so analysts can customize their views. Analysts can focus on deriving key customer insights, not spending time aggregating data. Intuitive customer trigger points allow users to enter a point of interest and date and immediately see a range of insights that they never had before, supported by the speed and power of SAP HANA.

Charts used to represent data can be merged with direct manipulation and undone with a single click. The timeline control slider updates all charts on a page for quick, non-permanent snapshot views. A drill-down of data can also be seen by interacting with the charts. The responsive design allows users to access their data at their desk or on their mobile device.

To protect the privacy of individual subscribers, data is anonymized before it reaches the analysts. Data that could identify an individual mobile subscriber never leaves the mobile operator’s systems. The emphasis is not on the individual user, but on trends across different cohorts. While previously, analysts needed to make assumptions based on sample data, for example, 5,000 subscribers out of a few million, they can now make decisions based on real subscriber data.

Why Is this Project Worthy of a UX Award?

The product is a game-changer for the marketing industry. It enables analysts to make insights based off accurate continuous data rather than snapshots of data which they currently use. It opens the gates for those not trained in analytics, such as clients, to consume the powerful data as well.

Experienced analysts may know what to look for based on experience, but SAP gives an opportunity to all users to find patterns in data. SAP implemented unique features for the user to “play with data.”

  • Charts can be merged with direct manipulation and undone with one click.
  • Our timeline control slider updates all charts on the page for quick and non-permanent snapshot views.
  • A drill down of data can be seen by interacting with charts.

There are opportunities to use the product for government purposes as well and lead to positive society impact, including the potential to identify traffic patterns (ie. footfall, density, vehicle, mobile data usage) resulting from a new tax or policy. Leveraging this data could provide location-based personal assistance for first responders. Additional data could aid in personal identity fraud protection and identification of criminal hot spots.

The UX Awards are the premiere awards for exceptional experience, inspiring all technologists to create elegant, human-centered products that solve real customers’ problems, by showcasing next-generation digital products, honouring the most talented UX innovators and highlighting exceptional UX best practices.

Well done SAP!


This story previously appeared on the SAP User Experience Community site.