Dying to kick your Halloween season up a few notches this year? Here are five frightening Halloween treats you might want to consider.


1. Halloween: The Complete Collection Limited Deluxe Edition Blu-Ray Box Set

Around this time last year, I pondered whether John Carpenter’s Halloween was the greatest horror movie ever made. Ponder with me again by slashing into this 15-disc Blu-Ray behemoth of the entire Halloween movie franchise. Brand new, never before seen bonus features includes new interviews with cast and crew, commentaries, behind the scenes documentaries, and much more.

2. Nosferatu Beer

From Ohio’s Great Lakes Brewing Company comes Nosferatu Beer, a seasonal “highly hopped imperial red ale rich with flavor, yet remarkably balanced.” Beer Advocate gives this creepy concoction an outstanding score of 91. I wonder if the Count approves?

3. Friday the 13th Original Motion Picture Vinyl Soundtrack

For the first time ever, the complete, re-mastered soundtrack of Friday the 13th is now available on vinyl via Waxwork Records (the “blood filled” variant sold out instantly and fetches upwards of $500 on eBay). Now Jason Voorhees fans can throw on a pair of high end headphones and figure out once and for all what that creepy whisper-chant is actually saying, which IMDB provides clarity on:

“Composer Harry Manfredini has said that contrary to popular belief, the famous “Chi, chi, chi; ha, ha, ha” in the film’s score is actually “Ki, k,i ki; ma, ma, ma”. It is meant to resemble Jason’s voice saying “Kill, kill, kill; mom, mom, mom” in Mrs. Voorhees’s mind.”

4. The Business of Halloween

According to this recent story from Richard Howells, vice president, extended supply chain at SAP, 41 million ghosts, ghouls, superheroes, witches, princesses, and presidents will be going from door to door in the U.S. looking for candy on October 31st. In fact, consumers are projected to spend $75.03 per person, with an average of $27.85 on costumes and $22.37 on candy according to the National Retail Federation. Sounds like scary good numbers to me.

5. Creepy “Sensor” Scarecrow

Cotton cobwebs and paper skeletons not getting the scare factor you’re looking for? Why not create your own scarecrow this Halloween, pimped out with the latest sensor technology to lurch at unsuspecting trick or treaters? Last week at the SAP TechEd && d-code event in Las Vegas, one such scarecrow was on display and yes, anyone can create their own with a little DIY ingenuity.

Craig Cmehil, Director Global Developer Relations at SAP, said the scarecrow was used not only because Halloween is around the corner but also because it was a chance to explore multiple components such as photocells, cameras, servo motors, and pull them all together with various sensors and even link them to Twitter to control the Scarecrow.

“Having all that data sent directly into SAP HANA Cloud Platform gave us the ability to monitor everything in real time via a custom-made dashboard,” said Cmehil.

Sounds like a ghoulishly good time.

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This story previously appeared on SAPVoice on Forbes.
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