The Hottest SAP Fiori Apps

The current suite of SAP Fiori apps already numbers over 300. Of those, more than 50 are directly connected to the back end. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular UI5 apps from the collection.

Whether they need to check inventory from their smartphone, keep an eye on new business opportunities, track purchase orders, or simply display invoices, SAP Business Suite users can rely on SAP Fiori apps to help them handle business tasks across multiple devices when they’re on the move ― and save them valuable time in the process.

Set the clock back to the beginning of 2012 and there were only about 30 or 40 SAP Fiori apps available. Today, users can choose from a collection of over 300, all of which are available in English and German. What’s more, as of June 2014, SAP Fiori is now also included with underlying licenses of SAP software, which means that customers can use the apps free of charge.

This is SAP’s current ranking of the most frequently used SAP Fiori apps:

1. Keeping Business Contacts Up To Date

The “My Accounts” app lets you search for, display, and update all the data relating to your own or all business accounts for your company. This transactional app displays key contacts, leads, and business opportunities and lets you edit and update the data directly in the company’s back end system. You can also view key figures for an account ― such as anticipated revenues ― and share and discuss this information with your colleagues in SAP Jam.

2. Your Mobile, Interactive “Phone Book”

With the “My Contacts” app, you can find details of how to get in touch with key partners and contacts at customer companies and update that information on your mobile device if necessary. By doing so, you will help ensure that employees at your company always have the latest contact data at their fingertips, no matter whether they are in the office or in the field. This “company telephone book” app also contains functions for adding and editing notes, information, and contact photos.

3. Getting the Low-Down on Opportunities

The “My Opportunities” app allows individual employees to create opportunities and to add and update all the key details that relate to them. Which products is the potential customer interested in? Who are the contacts? Are there any specifics to be aware of? Who are the potential competitors? You can search for and update this information easily on your mobile device while you are on the move.

4. Keeping a Close Eye on To-Do Lists

The “My Tasks” app provides an overview of the jobs and activities you need to take care of – either for yourself or for your team. If you manage to complete one of your tasks during a customer meeting or if the task turns out to be less urgent than you thought, you can change the priority or the due date for that task accordingly. Because “My Tasks” accesses original data in the CRM back end, any changes made on a tablet, smartphone, or PC are immediately synchronized to it.

5. Recording Time Entries with Precision

Employees whose work is heavily project-based need to record every single minute of their working time to a specific project. That’s a time-consuming task in itself. And this is where the “My Timesheet” app comes in. It lets you record the exact time you spend on a project ― in hours and minutes ― from any location and saves the data permanently in the ERP back end for subsequent direct access from any digital device.

6. Keeping Track of Purchases

With the “My Shopping Cart” app, employees can experience a one-stop mobile experience for all their enterprise shopping needs. If the shopping cart contains products for specific customers or accounts, these can also be displayed in the accounts app. You can search for products in the company catalog, create an order list, and place your order directly in the app via your smartphone. The app even has a built-in cross-catalog search function from SAP Supplier Relationship Management to make the purchasing workflow as straightforward as possible.

7. Tracking Purchase Orders

Once an employee has placed an order, he or she can use the “Track Purchase Order” app to display a wide range of key order information. For example, there are functions for checking how many products were ordered (and at what price) and for displaying a graphical overview of the order fulfillment status. Have the goods already been delivered or are they still in transit? When are they expected to arrive? The “Track Purchase Order” app provides answers to questions like these ― as well as displaying any relevant purchase requisition documents or invoices for individual products.

8. Checking Stock Levels and Prices on the Move

If you’re out of the office meeting with a customer and you need to check the price and quantity of products currently in stock, the “Check Price and Availability” app is at hand to help. This SAP Fiori app lets you access delivery data at the drop of a hat on your smartphone: You can display a list of products that the customer has ordered in the past and call up price and availability data for the products in its current order ― without having to make a single call, let alone wait for days to receive feedback.

9. Keeping Sales Orders in View

The list of sales orders that customers place with your company expands rapidly over time. When a customer reorders or inquires about a pending or past order, the “Create/Change Sales Order” apps provide valuable help for the salespeople involved. They can browse and search through a complete list of sales orders from their mobile device and change details such as ship-to addresses for open order items.

10. Displaying Invoices in the Field

The “Customer Invoices” app does more than just display all your invoices: It can also break down invoice amounts by item, shipment, or taxes. What’s more, you can search for invoices by document number, purchase order, and sales order wherever you happen to be ― and filter and sort your invoice data too. This final app in our first-ever SAP Fiori ranking gives employees in the field a comprehensive overview of the status of invoices and of credit memos received.

A complete list of the SAP Fiori apps currently available is accessible here.

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