SAP Business One Saves Packaging Company €200k

Founded in May 2009, The Packaging Hub Ireland and UK has quickly established itself as an innovative and creative packaging firm.

Alongside its packaging operations, the Waterford-based company has the expertise to distribute and manage complex supply chains and deliver global logistics with hub facilities across three different continents.

After experiencing a period of sustained growth, The Packaging Hub realized it needed an integrated business management software solution to successfully manage its operations across Ireland, the Czech Republic, the USA, and China. The company contacted SAP partner IIS to find a solution.

Gary Power, IT manager, and Anthony Moynihan, operations director, explain why they chose SAP Business One to manage every aspect of their business, how the solution has helped enter new international growth opportunities, and the huge savings it has delivered in less than 12 months.

Q: What problems were The Packaging Hub suffering before it considered SAP Business One?

Power: The main issue we had was there was no central location for all of the data and no ease of access to pull information that we required at any one time.  We were always having to look historically back into our records rather than looking forward and having our finger on the pulse. We needed to have all of the information to hand and know all of our stock to date in real time.

Moynihan: Another big problem was that we didn’t have functionality like ‘availability to promise’ and ‘MRP’ in our old solution – something which obviously SAP Business One has given us.

Q: So how has The Packaging Hub benefited from using SAP Business One?

Moynihan: SAP Business One has given us greater planning ability, our inventory control is better managed, and our ability to promise products to a customer helps the accuracy of our orders – in turn boosting customer satisfaction and order fulfillment.

Q: How has SAP Business One helped you manage your inventory? What improvements have you experienced in stock handling and management?

Moynihan: Our planning as a business has improved so our inventory turns are better. Our ability to forecast cashflow has also improved. We have much better information so we’re able to make more timely decisions with the information we have.  

By streamlining our inventory levels with SAP Business One we’ve saved in the region of €200,000– and we’ve only been using the solution for around a year. With SAP Business One our inventory accuracy is better and inventory information is more timely. SAP Business One has helped grow the business significantly in the last 12 months – in terms of revenue and the markets we now trade in. We simply wouldn’t have been able to grow the business without SAP Business One as a tool to enable such growth.

Our former software was fine for what it did, but we wouldn’t be able to grow and control the business in the manner we now do were not for implementing SAP Business One.’

Q: Has SAP Business One helped you deliver projects more easily and on time?

Moynihan: Most definitely, in the last 12 months we’ve set up a number of new inventory hubs and the visibility of data provided by SAP Business One allowed us to do this in a very efficient way.

Q: What about overall levels of efficiency and productivity. Have these improved since using SAP Business One?

Power: Absolutely. We now have access to all of our data so that has a knock-on effect into making processes a lot smoother. The difference between us now as a business and before is that we’ve been able to do more with less resources. Before we had people working on spreadsheets to generate reports. Our service level was still very good, but it meant that people were being forced to spend hours in spreadsheets long into the evening. We’re now able to provide more bandwidth as a company to do other things due to the information available to us.

Q: What about return on investment?

Power: The ROI on SAP Business One has already been recognized within the business in less than 12 months.

Q: How would you describe the customer service provided by IIS?

Power: As the IT manager it was great that IIS took the pain out of the integration and transfer to SAP Business One. They have been second-to-none in relation to answering any query that we have submitted has been promptly answered.

Q: Finally, why did you decide to partner with IIS and SAP Business One as your ERP solution?

Moynihan: We felt that SAP Business One was the best fit for where we wanted to take the business. Prior to implementation we evaluated different suppliers and we choose IIS based on their experience and the caliber of people they have within their business.

IIS is an accredited member of the SAP Partner Quality program.
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