SAP Enhances Commitment to Installed Base – Delivers Innovation and Investment Protection for On-Premise Software Customers


Cloud-based computing is predicted to eventually rule the software landscapes of most organizations.

However, essentials like protecting a company’s current IT investments, integrating data, and trusted support will never cease. In fact, these topics are top of mind for the IT departments at companies currently running on-premise software. If they are interested in shifting to the cloud, they want to know how to manage this transition cost-efficiently, what will happen to their investments in current systems, and how they can plan eventually changing support approaches short and long-term.

To address these needs, SAP has recently announced that it will continue to deliver innovations for its on-premise solutions, specifically the SAP Business Suite 7 and the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA 2013. As part of this commitment, SAP is prolonging mainstream maintenance for SAP Business Suite to 2025, and providing respective commitments for SAP Enterprise Support pricing.

Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP, Products & Innovation, said that companies are relying on SAP to keep delivering on its promise of innovation without disruption in an increasingly cloud-based business environment. “Our customers need choice to transition to the cloud at their own pace. In addition, they want to be sure their current investments will be supported by innovations also in the future. Our answer is simple. We’re committed to continuously provide them with both innovation and choice.”

SAP will continue to develop product road maps for its on-premise software, offering customers innovations such as SAP HANA-optimized scenarios and industry-specific process improvements. SAP will also continue to expand and enhance its portfolio of Fiori Apps for on-premise customers, including the analytical SAP Smart Business cockpits. These applications are particularly valuable for companies because they can generate actionable insights from transactional data. SAP HANA combines all transactional and analytical capabilities on one platform, representing a huge benefit for companies. With one application, customers gain immediate insight into what’s happening across the business, and can take action right away.

SAP will deliver these new developments through SAP enhancement packages, complemented with more frequent  shipments, when and if available, that offer customers additional and easy ways to quickly deploy SAP innovations.

Easing the Path to Cloud with Integration

Finding an easy and cost-effective journey to cloud-based software is one of the major challenges that companies in every industry are facing today. That’s why SAP is integrating social data from SAP JAM, its cloud-based collaborative software, into transactional processes within SAP on-premise software applications. Seamless collaboration with colleagues worldwide reflects how people work on a daily basis. Integrating relevant data from SAP JAM into other SAP software, either in the cloud or on premise, provides organizations with the information they need to work smarter and faster, whether it’s structured data in the system or unstructured information such as conversations with experts company-wide.

Extending Maintenance and Support to 2025

While customers usually have long planning horizons, they also realize innovations are crucial to maintaining competitive edge. To help address this challenge, SAP is prolonging mainstream maintenance for its on-premise SAP Business Suite, fixing the list price for SAP Enterprise Support at 22 percent for new purchases until 2025, and will not increase fees for existing SAP Enterprise Support contracts beyond 22 percent until 2020. All of these commitments are designed to give customers additional planning and investment security.

Prolonging mainstream maintenance until end of 2025 applies to customers that have SAP Business Suite 7 core application releases including SAP ERP 6.0, SAP Customer Relationship Management 7.0, SAP Supply Chain Management 7.0, SAP Supplier Relationship Management 7.0 and SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA 2013.

According to SAP, extending mainstream maintenance provides 11 years of predictability for its customers, protecting their investments backed by a long-term commitment from SAP. This gives customers additional time to find their individual way to the cloud, and is unrivaled in the market today.

Even as cloud creates a storm of interest and new activities, companies remain anchored to age-old challenges like keeping their IT landscapes up-to-date without endangering their current investments. And that’s a fundamental business truth guiding top-performing organizations everywhere.

Photo: Shutterstock