SAP to Host SME Summit 2014 in NYC

On November 20, the fourth annual SAP SME Summit will take place in New York City.

Join SAP virtually and listen in to the corporate roundtable: “What does the workforce in 2020 mean for Next Generation/SME businesses today?”

Looking ahead to 2020, a radical set of changes are coming – in how people work, how leaders lead and how companies are structured and run. Organizations will consist of an even more diverse group of talent including full-time employees, a wider ecosystem of freelancers, contractors, part-time staff, free agents, alumni and students. Tomorrow’s workforce will be multigenerational, highly connected and digitally empowered.

SAP will leverage research findings from “Workforce 2020,” a recent study conducted by Oxford Economics for SAP, including SME-specific data. Findings from the study were like that effectively managing talent is one of the biggest challenges companies face to further competitive advantages. Therefore hiring and retaining the right people looks like a top priority for HR professionals.

The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Karie Willyerd, Senior Vice President, Learning & Social Adoption, SuccessFactors, who will be joined by:

More information will be shared as it is available at Spotlight: SAP SME Summit.