Brazil’s Agrogen Hones Accuracy with SAP ERP

SAP Business-All-in-One, recently implemented by SAP gold partner ITS Group at Agrogen, means the Brazilian agricultural business can now enjoy a management system that supports its processes with maximum excellence.

Agrogen, a cooling industry and pioneer in genetic matrix multiplication of poultry in Brazil, constantly invests in developing a complete production system – composed of farms, feed mills, refrigerators, hatcheries and laboratories, which are essential to the quality of its products. Now recognized as a company of global scope, Agrogen saw the need for a management system which supports their processes with the maximum excellence. The company chose to implement ERP solution SAP Business All-in-One to further enhance its business and believed this was the best option for a company of such scope.

The project, named “Performance,” was conducted in partnership with the ITS Group, an SAP gold partner that was referenced in South Brazil. After eight months of work, with the involvement of more than 30 professionals from ITS, the management system went live in June 2014.

The SAP ERP solution integrated data, production and administrative processes of Agrogen, causing a major cultural change in the company: “The biggest gain we are having at the moment is on how comprehensive the information is. This is because in order to work with SAP we need to commit ourselves to the accuracy of the information and the way we do things internally. This is a historic moment for the company,” said Carlos Medeiros, auditor and manager of knowledge at Agrogen.

Agrogen made the decision to choose the ITS Group because of its knowledge and expertise in the agricultural sector. “We needed a consultant who knew our business and that could support our needs and ITS served us very well in that point”, said Claudio Miranda, IT coordinator at Agrogen.

photo source: Agrogen
Agrogen corporate headquarters. Photo source: Agrogen

Project of People

The Go-Live was one of the highlights of the Performance project: “The effort of the people was above average. Everyone was focused on doing your best and striving for excellence in the project. This commitment made a big difference. It was more than an exchange management system, it was a project of people,” reflects Medeiros.

“The trust and good relationship with ITS were key factors. Commercial and professional relationships were very clear and we had a great synergy at work,” concludes Miranda.

Quality Underscores the ITS Commitment to Customer Success

This success signifies the total focus on results and customer satisfaction that is a reflection of the ITS’s commitment to quality in project management, sales processes, and SAP implementation methodology. Since 2012, the company has achieved annual accreditation from the SAP Partner Quality program delivered by SAP Partner Service Delivery. This recognition proves ITS’s alignment with the SAP 10 Quality Principles and also covers internal operation management processes, training, qualification, and certification of professionals. For ITS, quality is an integral part of its commitment to its customers’ success.

Top image: Shutterstock