Bridging the Gap Between Employers and Candidates

An innovative mobile approach, uniquely inspired by online dating, for bridging the gap between hiring managers and job seekers.

Opportunity: Breaking Down Complexity to Discover Potential

Despite the great frequency at which companies recruit members for unfilled positions and individuals seek new employment opportunities, several problems appear deeply embedded in the hiring and job-seeking processes across the spectrum. Both finding a job and filling a position can be tiresome and frustrating, requiring extensive investments of time and energy on both ends.

Given the flood of applications, countless email threads, tedious logistics of interview-scheduling, disorganized feedback loops, and complex spreadsheets that often times must be handled, the processes of hiring and job-seeking can also be very messy.

“It’s always tricky finding the perfect fit for you, whether you’re looking for a job or trying to fill a position,” laments Jared Hu, interaction designer at the Design & Co-Innovation Center at SAP. “But the process doesn’t have to be half as frustrating or as painful as it is now.”

Identifying these issues, the Design & Co-Innovation Center from SAP saw an opportunity to greatly optimize both the hiring and job-seeking processes, through leveraging social networks and online profiles in a single, simple software solution: a mobile app called Job or Not.

Approach: Designing Software with Online Dating in Mind

Embarking on this design project, the Design & Co-Innovation Center from SAP identified two main goals: not only to simplify and speed up the hiring and job-seeking processes, but also to transform these frustrating and painful experiences into fun and interactive engagements for all involved.

As the team ideated together surrounding these guidelines, interaction designer Janani Sundar creatively wondered, “Could finding a perfect candidate to interview be exactly like finding a perfect date?”

Well-received, this innovative dating metaphor inspired the team’s first major whiteboard brainstorm, covering countless features that the ensuing Job or Not mobile application would include.

“It was tricky,” recalls visual designer Navdeep Raj. “We knew there were similar apps on the market, and we all had different ideas on how we could make ours creative and new.”

After eventually narrowing these ideas down to two, the team conducted their final A/B testing in a unique way: they posted images of their interaction designs on the wall outside the restrooms of the Design and Co-Innovation Center and left sticky notes and pens beside them. Over the next few days, various members of the DCC community flooded the screens with notes containing specific ideas, questions, and plenty of constructive feedback.

The insights that the team received through leveraging the Design and Co-Innovation Center community empowered them to pursue further interaction iterations with greater confidence and vision.


Experience: Reinventing Hiring-Team and Job-Seeker Interactions

The Design & Co-Innovation Center from SAP team envisions a series of benefits emerging from the future implementation of this idea into an official mobile application accessible to hiring teams and job-seekers alike.

The final product bridges the gap between employers and candidates through recognizing their mutual likes and interests. Candidates receive simple cards about relevant job openings, including written information, photos, and even videos regarding those positions. Hiring managers may easily swipe through candidates’ online profiles on the app, each of which represents all of a candidate’s online portfolios integrated into one.

With this time-saving technology, more effort may be devoted on the company’s end to training new hires. Individuals may also embrace the job-seeking and hiring processes with a greater degree of confidence, comfort, and productive flexibility.

“The faster and more fun finding a job and filling a position becomes, the more proactive people become in the process,” notes visual designer Navdeep Raj.

Project Manager, Alex Zhu, adds, “Job-hunters can now stop blindly sending in applications and just waiting for a response, and hiring teams can stop passively waiting for the applications to roll in. Now, it’s much more of a two-way street.”

The Design & Co-Innovation Center from SAP team hopes the Job or Not mobile application will eventually become ubiquitous in the modern-day workplace, inspiring stronger team development, enhancing corporate productivity, and permeating an initially frustrating process with a higher standard of efficiency and even a fun and casual tone.



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This story originally appeared on the SAP User Experience Community.