15 More Predictions to Take with You into 2015

Once again, this week on Coffee Break with Game-Changers, SAP Radio host Bonnie D. Graham asked leading experts, academics, and business influencers to peer into the crystal ball and tell us what we can expect to see next year.

Each person was given just three minutes to share their predictions for what 2015 holds for their industry, business, and technology. Here’s what they had to say:

1) B2B will become B2C – as organizations focus on a simpler way to engage and collaborate.

Kerry Brown, Head of Strategy & Alliances Americas, SAP

2) Data-driven innovation and integration will result in more self-serve analytics breaking down silos.

Jeff Tanner, Professor of Marketing, Baylor University

3) 2015 will be the year of the employee experience for competitive advantage. It will be the employee year of #What’s-In-It-For-Me. We’ll also see companies balancing diversity, specifically around generation and gender.

Stacey Perrin, Global Director of People Sustainability Office, SAP

4) We’re going to see a shift to more advanced financial forecasts. Modeling will increasingly take over in the annual budgeting process.

Gary Cokins, Founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management

5) Adoption of innovation methods like design thinking and the principles of lean startup will go mainstream – making 2015 a very exciting year for employees who are looking for more creativity in their jobs.

Frank Rust, Design Thinker and Innovation Consultant, Co-founder of SommerRust

6) More established companies will become disillusioned by disruptive innovation methods. At the root will be a corporate culture clash and an “innovation hamster wheel” that results in innovation becoming disengaged from company strategy.

Frank Rust

7) In 2015, the Cloud CRM adoption by large enterprises will begin waning in favor of managed services offerings.

John Ragsdale, Vice President of Technology and Social Research, Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)

8) We’re going to see an acceleration of intelligent data, or data that is meaningful and actionable with user experience at the core.

Jaco Van Eeden Partner at Deloitte

9) We’ll see a move from social media sharing to social media recording about daily life and work.

Florian Brody, Managing Director at Brody and Partners, Principal at The Halo Agency

10)  Companies will address employee engagement holistically by leveraging technology, mobile, and gamification.

Nataraj “Ganpy” Ganapathy, Head of HCM and Mobility practices, Cogent Integrated Business Solutions

11) Change is proving hard to digest for large organizations. For tomorrow’s organization, we’re moving from process innovation and best practices to experimentation, risk taking, and cultures of questioning the status quo. Leaders will need to be able to inspire employees.

Reuven Gorsht, Global Vice President of Customer Strategy, SAP

12) 2015 will see a major breakthrough for digital banking. The bank of tomorrow will have to go with its customers wherever they go.

Falk Rieker, Global Head of Banking Business Unit, SAP

13) In 2015 the demand for mobile business intelligence (BI) solutions will continue to grow, as a result of more mature solutions, speed, better UI and customer experience, and engagement with the business.

Kaan Turnali, Global Director of Business Intelligence, SAP

14) In 2015, we’ll move towards telling the story with the analytics, instead of just presenting the numbers. But to do this effectively, we’ll need to first understand the principles of cause and effect; we need to be able to predict; and we must have ability to take action based on our analyses.

Steve Player, Managing Director, Beyond EPS Advisors

15)  We’ll see the “Uberization” of two to three other industries, possibly hospitality or healthcare related.

Andrew Sherman, Partner at Jones Day

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