This Holiday Season, Get It BILT

Don’t sweat building the doll house or assembling that new bike this holiday season. BILT, a new voice-enabled interactive app from SAP, is as good as having one of Santa’s helpers by your side.

Take just a moment to look over your holiday list at the gifts you are giving in your family this year. Chances are that a few will require additional assembly. While you may have chosen them with the best intent, you may also be wondering how the assembly of that new bike, grill, or garden edger will actually turn out.

This season SAP eases the process of assembling those special gifts with the general availability of BILT – an easy-to-use application that provides interactive, 3-D, voice-guided assembly, repair and installation instructions. Available for iOS and Android tablets, BILT displays basic information – like, what tools you’ll need and how long the project will take you – in an intuitive overview. Then it’s time to get started. BILT actually speaks the instructions to you and shows each step in a 3-D display, all the while letting you interact by zooming in or out. Not sure if you’ve got the angle of that bolt right? Just rotate the BILT view and zoom in. Or if you prefer, you can simply read the instructions or watch them as BILT guides you along.

BILT is a free service to consumers. It’s as easy as downloading an app to your tablet device. Once in the app, search for your new product and then download the assembly, set up, maintenance, repair, and warranty details. As a bonus to those who tend to misplace their paperwork, BILT makes it easy to capture and send product registration to the manufacturer, while retaining replacement part, repair, and warranty information for you. You can even back up all of your product information via BILT in case you ever lose your device.


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BILT Saves Time and Money for Manufacturers

The application can cover all types of consumer and industrial products, from barbeques to bicycles to baby cribs. With its potential to simplify assembly, using BILT can result in a more positive customer experience. In prototype testing, BILT scored high with consumers for elevated customer satisfaction and shortened assembly times – even for people with limited product assembly experience.

To get started, manufacturers need only submit their instructions in CAD format to the BILT team. The process to convert and upload this information takes about 3-5 days, and includes work by a BILT graphic artist who ensures the visual quality. Once the instructions are ready and approved by the manufacturer, they go onto the BILT server, where anyone can access them via the BILT app.

BILT enables manufacturers to update and make changes to instructions immediately, rather than moving through the lengthy process of updating, reprinting, and repackaging new instructions. For example, a manufacturer can update instructions simply by notifying the BILT team and requesting the update. With the push of the “publish” button, that update is immediately available to the consumer.

Providing Consumers a Better Assembly Experience

By providing easy-to-follow, clear instructions upfront, BILT reduces assembly errors, which in turn reduces customer support call center volume. Consumer products marketers will also find advantages in this opportunity to extend the consumer experience beyond the point of purchase into the realm of assembly. Experienced marketers know that even if consumers really like a product over time, those first 72 hours after assembly can leave them too exasperated to have much positive to say. It’s a vulnerable time and some consumers voice their frustration with a bad assembly experience via social media, possibly sending away other potential buyers of the product.

For marketing executives, BILT offers the possibility to take “net detractors” and provide them with a customer experience that guides them towards becoming “net promoters” – without having to modify the engineering or quality of the product.

Subscription Pricing Appeals to Manufacturers of All Sizes

BILT is as cost effective for small manufacturers as it is for large consumer products companies. There is no integration or importation required to get set up. Manufacturers pay a small fee to convert their CAD files. Once set up in BILT, manufacturers are charged a subscription based on usage.

BILT is just one example of the new Run Simple attitude at SAP!

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