2015 Predictions: Digital Transformation Goes Mainstream, Customer Experience Prevails

Coffee Break with Game-Changers kicked off the new year with its final installment of a three-part series of business predictions for 2015.

SAP Radio host Bonnie D. Graham asked leading experts, academics, and business influencers to peer into the crystal ball and tell us what we can expect to see this year. A total of 40 experts weighed in throughout the series with their predictions.

The final installment aired live on January 7, 2015. Each thought leader was given up to three minutes to share predictions for what 2015 holds for their industry, business, and technology. Here’s what they had to say:

1) Social isn’t dead; it’s baked into everything now. We’re going to increasingly see the word “social” and “collaboration” used together. We’re going to see new forms of online community too.

Robin Carey, Founder, Social Media Today LLC

2) Spending on workforce analytics, either standalone or bundled with other HR systems, will double in 2015. Growth in this market will be driven by the ongoing search by business for improved analytics, and also because workforce analytics is a relatively new topic in HR.

Mick Collins, Principal Consultant, Workforce Analytics & Planning, SAP

3) Expect to see wearable smart technology take off in 2015, marked by increased consumer adoption.

Nancy Casey, Vice President, Retail Solution Management, SAP

4) We’ll see a renaissance in business leadership. The renewed focus on the customer and customer engagement will result in leaders taking a more holistic view on the enterprise, as they seek ways to differentiate their businesses.

Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst, Ovum

5) Companies are developing more formal, digital omnichannel strategies to deliver an improved customer experience.

Monique Hesseling, Partner, Strategy Meets Action (SMA)

6) The employee and employee productivity will be vaulted to the top of the executive agenda, because of increased wage pressure making skilled employees increasingly difficult to find. We’ll see a focus on integrating analytics systems to make people more productive.

Matt Healey, Principal Analyst in TBR’s Software Practice

7) One emerging trend is the patient as a “sensor.” There is already access to a tremendous amount of clinical data on patients and users using drugs over a period of time. These new streams of data will drive innovation in patient care and pharma.

Shahar Larry, Partner at Demaya and Strategy Regeneration

8) Customers will tell vendors to make predictive analytics inside workforce software a reality that makes it easy for the users of the software to actually use it – and makes it truly predictive.

Greta Roberts, CEO and Co-founder, Talent Analytics Corp.

9)  In 2015, predictive analytics grows, focusing on 1:1 marketing. Fashion and retail will go through a wave of M&A activity.

Andrea France, Retail Industry Principal, Fashion Apparel and Footwear, SAP

10) 2015 will be a year of “Now what? So what.” Companies will look for ways to sensibly integrate new technologies. Many will find the answer in providing contextual experiences for the consumer.

Benjamin Robbins, Principal, Palador

11) A “loyalty race” will take off in retail. Brands will look for new ways to offer a distinct, personalized, and relevant customer journey. Look for a re-birth in retail.

B.J. Bueno, Founder, The Cult Branding Company and Partner, Nonbox Consulting

12) Digital transformation goes mainstream in 2015. Companies will focus on the quality of the customer journey and how to measure that journey.

Gerry Brown, Senior Analyst – Customer Engagement & Marketing Technology, Ovum

13) In 2015, analytics disrupts ERP. Video and data converge to fight fraud and enhance customer experience.

Michael P. Cangemi, CPA, CGMA, and President of Cangemi Company LLC

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