Talking About China with SAP’s Mark Gibbs

Mark Gibbs, president of SAP Greater China, discusses the factors that will help SAP be successful in 2015 and beyond.

“We are focusing by industry across China, aligning with our partners, and this will bring tremendous growth and change,” said Mark Gibbs, president of SAP Greater China. Gibbs recently spoke about the business areas where SAP is looking to capture market share in China in 2015, and the general economic outlook for SAP’s “second home.” In addition to a focus on industries, together with local partners, Gibbs also sees huge opportunities in the area of e-commerce, referring to China as the “e-commerce capital of the world.”

With respect to the economic development in China, Gibbs said that he is hopeful that after a year of relative austerity, the government in China in 2015 will bring the spending budgets of state-owned companies back to their normal levels. “This is a great opportunity,” he said. On the cloud front, because the SuccessFactors public cloud offering was launched in late 2014, Gibbs expects business in this area to accelerate through 2015 and beyond. The expansion of SAP’s full breadth of cloud solutions into China is still yet to come.

SAP is also well positioned to help China run better in the so-called 13th five year plan, which begins in 2016. Get all of the details in the video interview with Gibbs:


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