Cloud Zeitgeist: The Mini-Series

SAP recently visited Oakland, California during a Friday art event and asked people what they think of the cloud, what it means to them, and if they had ever heard of SAP.

It’s a well-worn cliché but business software is in the middle of a massive transformation to the cloud. Customers want it their way – in the cloud, a hybrid combo, some on-premise. SAP is delivering on that demand daily.

We set out in this series to find out what people from all walks of life are saying about this nebulous concept we call ‘cloud.’

Consider the statistics:

  • IDC predicts cloud spending to reach over 100B by 2017
  • 75 percent of new enterprise IT spend will be for cloud-based solutions by 2016.
  • 70 percent of companies reportedly reinvested money saved by moving to the cloud

Suffice to say, cloud is big business. But how people feel about the cloud? How do they understand it? And how does it bring meaning to their everyday lives?

SAP decided to find out. In this mini-series, we’ll be showing you through pictures, candid-camera interviews, performances and other formats just how people really feel.

First up, is a video taken in Oakland, California.


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Oakland is a vibrant city of almost 4000,000 people just east of San Francisco, and about 30 miles from Silicon Valley. A major port city, it is home to a racially diverse community of artists, non-profit organizations, technology entrepreneurs and sports celebrities.

On the first Friday of each month, the arts district opens up its galleries, restaurants and streets for people to gather and celebrate. SAP went there to ask people what they think of the cloud, what it means to them and if they had ever heard of SAP.

Share your ruminations on the cloud – what it means to you, what role it plays in your personal and professional life and why we should care.

Top image: Shutterstock