SAP Employee Commuting Survey: Four Times to the Moon and Back

The results of SAP’s Global Employee Commuting Survey 2014 are out, revealing interesting trends on employees’ commute and work.

Commuter-info_EEvery workday, SAP employees cover an average distance of 49.1 kilometers to get to their office and back home. Added up across the company, that makes a total distance of more than four times to the moon and back in a single day!

Assuming a speed of, let’s say, 70 km/h on average, this would amount to almost 47,000 hours per day. That’s valuable time that a growing share of employees – 16.7% now and a 6% increase compared to 2013 – prefer to save by working from home more often. Denise Russo, for instance, has been a remote employee for seven years now. Based in the U.S., she increased her productivity, avoided stress and reduced CO2 emissions by simply not driving.

Other employees, like Volker Mueller, use the commuting time to network with colleagues. The Senior Developer shares his 42 kilometer ride to and from his office in St. Leon Rot on the carpooling platform TwoGo five days a week. This has enabled him to get to know other SAP developers, managers and employees from various fields.

“In case you happen to need a ride yourself, it is also always nice to know colleagues from your neighborhood,” says Volker.

HowEmployeesCommuteCycling and walking to work — combining commuting with some personal exercise — is growing in popularity as well. Martin Schaefer cycles to his office location in Bensheim almost daily. In one year alone, he covered a distance of over 2,000 km.

“It’s good for the environment and keeps me healthy and balanced,“ says Martin, highlighting the benefits of cycling.

Sakshi Goel, an associated developer at SAP Labs in Gurgaon, India, prefers public transit. Each work day, she uses the Delhi Metro and SAP shuttles to get from her home in New Delhi to work in 1.5 to 2 hours.

“It’s convenient and saves me a lot of time,” says Sakshi, mentioning that avoiding regular traffic jams cut her commuting time almost in half.

CO2Emissions-e1423134370835To support employees, company activities and services around commuting expanded. The “Palo Alto Commute Alternatives Program” helps employees to find convenient commuting and public transport options. During the Sustainable Commuting & Mobility Week 2014, experts introduced SAP employees to new software solutions and commuting trends; the League of American Bicyclists just recognized SAP Labs in La Crosse for their commitment to cycling; and SAP Labs in Vancouver has launched a new bike program.

Choosing commuting options other than driving alone by car can improve peoples’ lives, wellbeing and social interaction. In addition, the environment profits from decreasing CO2 emissions. The impact SAP employees can have is considerable: on average, they emitted 5.4 kg CO2 per commute in 2014. In other words, as much as one middle-sized tree was needed to absorb the CO2 emissions that one employee produced just on our way to and from work each day.

Top image: Shutterstock