EnterpriseJungle Tames Enterprise Search

Intelligence Engine powers Google-style search for instant access to experts company-wide.

Collaboration is one of those over-used business terms that sounds splendid but can be incredibly difficult to do. Not so at EnterpriseJungle, a West Coast-based startup that’s hitched its innovation wagon to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, designing intelligent search solutions to help companies quickly find and collaborate with the experts they need inside or beyond the organization.

Software that Makes Business Life Easier

According to James Sinclair, Principal at EnterpriseJungle, the firm’s deep people search is designed to help companies quickly mobilize a global, changing workforce for competitive advantage. Developed to extend the capabilities of SuccessFactors, its solutions reflect EnterpriseJungle’s mission to make life easier.


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 “Large companies are desperate to get a handle on understanding and accessing the expertise available to them at any given moment,” said Sinclair. “Our solutions help companies solve fundamental questions like how do we find the people who are fantastic at what they do, but only known to their closest core group of co-workers? And, how do we easily bring their knowledge and expertise to the front line with minimal extra work? If we can help get information to employees that need it, we’re fundamentally making their lives easier, and making the company’s life easier.”

Sinclair said EnterpriseJungle was attracted to develop on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform for its unique technology capabilities along with SAP’s innovation-minded culture.

“What totally differentiates SAP is its genuine desire to respect customer demands by using partner innovation. As for the SAP HANA technology, what’s valuable is its deep integration into not only the SAP portfolio, but a lot of other solutions customers are using. With SAP, customers can count on getting the secure, scalable, reliable infrastructure they require,” he said.

Google-Style Search Results

SAP HANA powers the intelligence engine of the EnterpriseJungle applications for speedy actionable insights. Using advanced algorithms to analyze data from internal and external sources including SAP Jam, SuccessFactors, wikis, and LinkedIn, the applications help companies understand the make-up of its workforce and connect people quickly.

SAP HANA provides the infrastructure that solves the problem of processing massive amounts of data from many different places, and quickly managing it for actionable insights, getting people results in familiar Google style,” said Sinclair.

Who Can Help Me is a pre-populated search tool allowing employees to find internal experts by skills, location, project requirements and other criteria which companies can also configure, if needed. The Enterprise Q&A tool lets employees enter any text into the search bar, and find experts internally or outside company walls. Most companies use the prepackaged EnterpriseJungle solutions as is for Human Resources (HR), recruitment, sales and other departments. However, Sinclair said companies can easily modify search queries to meet any organization’s unique needs.

Employees can get fast answers to questions using EnterpriseJungle solutions from any device at any time. With Enterprise Q&A, they can enter any search text to find internal or external experts.
Employees can get fast answers to questions using EnterpriseJungle solutions from any device at any time. With Enterprise Q&A, they can enter any search text to find internal or external experts.

Intelligent Applications Fuel Insights

Like all intelligent applications, EnterpriseJungle solutions require ongoing governance, building insights from constant data collection and analysis. Lumira software provides managers with a real-time reporting dashboard that beautifully displays search queries and results. They can quickly see what questions are being asked, as well as search patterns and recurring themes. Sinclair said that when managers see questions that haven’t been answered or asked yet, they can act on the fly, responding to an open queue of questions, or pushing questions to certain people.

Sinclair ticked off a number of examples of how companies are using EnterpriseJungle. When a company in Germany was making 3,000 positions obsolete, it turned to EnterpriseJungle to match the right employees with the right new jobs. A London-based organization dramatically improved IT support resolution times by using EnterpriseJungle solutions, routing help requests to the best experts faster. Managers involved in change management initiatives regularly find people who are influencers in their circle and want to be part of innovative projects.

Future Uses: A Tool for Anyone

Although currently focused on HR and knowledge management group demands, Sinclair sees these solutions eventually serving people company-wide.

“The goal is to help companies understand questions better so they can be routed to the best person,” said Sinclair. “Once other departments can see the speed of it, they can start to integrate other applications into it. You could then replicate that to ‘Ask IT’ or ‘Ask Competitive Intelligence’ and other parts of the business.’”

Intelligence search software may be the ultimate collaborative tool across the networked enterprise. Seamlessly embedded in systems employees already use, solutions like EnterpriseJungle can help cut through corporate complexity to tap every company’s biggest asset – finding qualified experts with the right knowledge to tackle problems instantly.

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