#SmallBizQs: Small Business Owners, SAP Wants to Hear from You

What are your small business questions? Get answers from our small business coaches. SAP is set to support your small business with a free, limited-time coaching offer. Just send your questions to newsroom@sap.com or post them on Twitter at #SmallBizQs.

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur with limited time to tackle a growing list of business challenges? Is complexity getting in the way of creativity you could be putting towards product development and customer engagement? Or, maybe you have one vexing business challenge and nowhere to turn to for advice? Let SAP help you work through it, so that you can regain focus on what matters most to your business.

Whether it’s about re-thinking organizational structures and partnerships; vetting potential investors; making savvy hiring decisions; managing stock inventory and logistics in real time; optimizing transparency in not-for-profit businesses; or managing customer engagement in the topsy-turvy world of social media and omni-channel commerce; or, about finding the right IT solution to match your growth trajectory – SAP wants to help you unlock the next level of your business.

For a limited time, the SAP News Center will host “The Small Business Coach” – a new Q&A series featuring a select panel of experts who are standing by to answer your small business questions. We’ve assembled a panel of seasoned experts who have hands-on experience in small business management and entrepreneurship. In addition to this direct experience, each has worked extensively with small businesses as they’ve navigated a breadth of challenges and made tough decisions. They are ready to share their depth of knowledge in guiding your business.

Here’s How It Works

Describe your business challenge in an email to newsroom@sap.com or tweet at #SmallBizQs. Be sure to include a daytime telephone number so we can follow up with you if necessary. Your question will be routed to one of our coaches for consideration. Each week on the SAP News Center, we will publish one question and answer in The Small Business Coach series. The series will run each Tuesday from May 11 to August 12, 2015. We’ll try to get to as many questions as we can.

Additional Events for Small Businesses

For more opportunities to talk with SAP’s experts, watch for details about upcoming TweetChats with the coaches. Also, tune into Internet talk radio show Coffee Break with Game-Changers – where we have the following shows planned:

  • May 6: Sustainable Collaboration for Small Business – In Part I of this two-part series on small business, panelists talk about how to manage business partnerships without risking IP, valued talent, or worse. In a business world where sometimes the lines blur between cooperation and competition, the result can lead to uncomfortable, if strategic, alliances. As if that weren’t enough, in the networked economy, supply chains can shift and transform rapidly. How can a small business owner shore up enough protection to avoid getting squeezed out? How often should an entrepreneur re-examine business agreements? And what are the red flags that it’s time to start looking elsewhere for a business partner?
  • May 20: Customer Engagement for Small Business – In Part II of this series looking on small businesses, panelists discuss the fine art of customer engagement and why cohesive omni-channel branding needs to be at the heart of every small business. You’ll hear tips on how to “know your customers” and find out where your product really fits into their lives; using social media to drive market insights; and honing your personal brand as an entrepreneur. You’ll also find out which technologies can support you in optimizing your interactions in a way that your each of your customers will know how much you value them.

Be sure to follow SAP’s latest news and events for small business on Facebook and Twitter @SAP4SmallBiz.

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