The Disruptors: Barcelona For You!

SAP Urban Intelligence Network makes the city more sustainable.

Imagine you are one of the 85,000 people arriving in Barcelona last week to attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC), or one of the 154,000 tourists that come every week of the year to mingle with the 1.6 million people living there. In the midst of such masses, no wonder visitors sometimes feel overwhelmed by the effort of getting around and insecure about where to eat and what to see, and residents sometimes grumble about the invasion of their beloved city.

Now imagine it’s your job to operate city services and manage public resources such as the transportation system efficiently to make the urban experience delightful for both visitors and residents.

Either way, no need to panic! SAP’s new Barcelona for You Tourist Network (BCN4U) is here to help.

A City Is as Smart as the People Who Run It

For years Barcelona has been one of the leading ‘smart cities’ of Europe, in other words, a city that uses technology to enhance performance and wellbeing, reduce costs, manage resources, and engage more actively with citizens. Manel Sanroma, the city’s CIO who once famously declared himself a smart city atheist, believes city managers and urban planners need to make smart choices about technology and those choices should be based on the profile, or identity, of the city.

SAP and Telefonica Innovate with Barcelona

While Barcelona is clearly shaped by its identity as one of the world’s top ten tourist attractions, its role as Mobile World Capital also makes it a disruptor and innovator when it comes to urban technology.  With the introduction of BCN4U this week at MWC, SAP and Telefonica together unveiled a showcase solution that will be Barcelona’s next-generation interactive mobile travel platform. Running on top of the SAP Urban Intelligence Network, BCN4U will simplify the way people experience the city by delivering real-time, personalized information through an easy to use mobile application.

At the same time, Big Data and analytic capabilities from SAP in the cloud will help connect the city’s public and private enterprises with visitors and citizens to drive business and enable the management of public resources through a single connectivity platform, enhancing various areas such as transport, energy efficiency and environmental services.

So with just one solution, BCN4U on the SAP Urban Intelligence Network, Barcelona becomes more sustainable in three key categories: quality of life for people, environmental impact on the planet, and economic performance.

Go check it out!

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Top image: Shutterstock