Solving World Hunger: ADAMA Simplifies Farming with Cloud HR

According to the latest United Nations forecast, the world population will grow from seven billion to nine billion by 2050. One of the biggest challenges today is feeding an additional two billion people while solving the malnutrition and hunger afflicting many parts of the world.

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd. is tackling this problem by focusing on simplification — on the crop solutions they offer farmers, along with the human resources (HR) software that runs the company itself.

Fueled by acquisitions, this fast-growing Israel-based company is doubling its workforce to over 9,000 employees. The company is also unifying its fragmented business from over 50 brands to one global brand. But that hasn’t changed Adama’s core purpose to create simplicity in agriculture by offering accessible, easy-to-use crop protection solutions supporting better planning and greater certainty of crops. HR is a crucial tool in unifying the company, and Adama is using the SuccessFactors Employee Central solution to create a global set of HR processes for 45 countries.

“With SuccessFactors Employee Central, our local offices have the tools to operate more effectively and support Adama’s growth ambitions. And a cloud solution makes life so much easier,” said Avivit Klein, Director HR Systems, ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd.

Company-Wide Benefits of Cloud HR

Globalizing HR has served as a catalyst for business transformation across the entire company. With 95 percent of employee records already in the system, Adama now has accurate, real-time employee information encompassing its entire workforce. This allows HR and every department to gain the benefits of global workforce planning and management with standardized organization, jobs, pay and employee recordkeeping. At the same time, the single global platform provides the flexibility of localization, allowing the company to meet specific business requirements in countries worldwide. As the company grows, SuccessFactors Employee Central will also help ensure smooth onboarding of future acquisitions. In addition, Adama has the foundation in place for payroll integration when needed.

Feeding billions of people is a complex challenge that demands simplification. Backed by a consistent corporate identity enabled by a global HR system, Adama’s employees have the processes they need to make the complex business of farming simpler for farmers.

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