This morning SAP CEO Bill McDermott announced an exciting new collaboration with Google during his keynote address at SAPPHIRE NOW.

Google and SAP are working together to help “Simplify Work,” “Improve Productivity” and “Extend Collaboration” among enterprise employees no matter where they choose to work. Our key areas of collaboration with Google are around enterprise mobility, business analytics and business applications.

Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is changing people’s lives. There are over a billion Android smartphones used by people across the world. Google introduced Android for Work, to help businesses bring more of these smartphones to work by securing, managing and innovating on the Android platform.

SAP has been working with Google for some time to support Android for Work. We shipped SAP Mobile Secure 2.7 with Android for Work support last month. Our collaboration with Google is unique, as we work together on all aspects of mobility:

  • End-users: Our customers can now make any place their workplace. Customers can ‘work’ and ‘play ‘on the same device. This is a big productivity enhancer for businesses!
  • IT: The IT teams we support can implement a secure, easy-to-manage, lower cost BYOD strategy that covers all Android devices using SAP Mobile Secure technology.
  • Apps & development: Our business customers can benefit from the breadth of enterprise apps available from SAP and its ecosystem on any Android device using SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services and Google’s Play services. The leading SAP apps, including SAP Fiori, SuccessFactors, Concur and many others support Android for Work.
  • SAP announcement: SAP Working With Google to Accelerate Android for Work Adoption in the Enterprise

Business Analytics

Google Apps is used by over 5 million businesses worldwide to collaborate in real time. SAP is the leader in enterprise BI. Google and SAP are working together to provide employees a seamless experience as they work in Google Apps and SAP Lumira.

Today customers can already access, transform and combine Google Sheets with enterprise data through the SAP Lumira extensions framework to deliver compelling visualizations, dashboards and insights in SAP Lumira.

In the future, SAP and Google are working together to enable Lumira visualizations and infographics to be saved in Google Drive, allowing SAP Lumira files to be accessed and shared using Google Drive. We plan to enable customers to also have the option to store these files as native Google Docs so they can continue to collaborate with their teams in real time and on any device. This deep level of integration will deliver intuitive analytics to everyone, anywhere.

Business Applications

SAP has the broadest portfolio of business applications that businesses of all sizes need to Run Simple. Google offers a complete suite of productivity applications that employees need to get their work done. Google and SAP will be working together to integrate these applications so employees can work simple across these applications. The goal is to enable employees to move their data seamlessly across SAP and Google applications, take actions on their SAP workflow from Google Apps and to work with Google services from within SAP applications. We are starting this effort in two areas: SuccessFactors HCM and SAP Fiori.

SuccessFactors HCM Suite Integration with Google Drive

SuccessFactors integration will soon allow users to access Google Drive as a document repository for working with HR documents. This integration will deliver customer benefits across a wide range of HR processes. For example:

  • HR professionals will be able to use Google Drive features inside SuccessFactors to access and store employee information and documents within an employee’s enterprise profile.
  • Recruiters will be able to quickly create, personalize, and share a job offer with a candidate based on the details of a SuccessFactors job requisition.
  • Job applicants will be able to swiftly apply for a job from their mobile device by attaching their resume from Google Drive to their job application.

With SuccessFactors integration with Google for Work, companies will increase business agility by facilitating document sharing in the context of HR processes, improving collaboration around HR documents, and simplifying overall employee document management.

Expanding SAP Fiori Apps Experience with Google Apps Integration

SAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. It applies modern design principles for a completely reimagined user experience. SAP Fiori UX represents a personalized, responsive and simple user experience across devices and deployment options.

SAP and Google are working together to expand the SAP Fiori apps experience with the Google Apps productivity suite. The vision is to increase and optimize people productivity with the Google Apps services within the Fiori UX. For example, customers will be able to initiate actions on their Google services, e.g., storing a business document in Google Drive from within SAP Fiori. Customers will also be able to act on their SAP workflow from within Google Apps such as scheduling leave from within Google Calendar.

We worked with Mindset Consulting as an integration partner to build the first integration between an SAP Fiori sales order transactional app and Google Apps. With the Mindset integration, SAP Fiori users have the option of storing/accessing, and sharing attachments in Google Drive. In addition, integration of SAP Fiori with Google Calendar allows users to set reminders to follow up on outstanding tasks. Customers and other 3rd parties can build their own integrations using SAP Fiori.

Kevin Ichhpurani is executive vice president of Ecosystem and Platform Innovation at SAP.