Ever imagine what you’d do if you won the lottery? How much simpler life would instantly become? Maybe you’d buy that sports car you’ve always dreamed of, or that mansion that only seemed real in your wildest dreams?

Would you choose half of the lump sum up front, or take the full amount via annuity? Think of all the good you could do for your community… to help the world run better…… to improve people’s lives. It’s fun to dream, right?

But you can’t win if you don’t play. If your life is even half as chaotic as mine, simply remembering to get to the store to buy the ticket pretty much eliminates most of us from the dream. That’s where Tipp24.com comes in. It’s one of the largest lottery intermediaries in Europe and allows for customers to conveniently place bets from their phones, right up until the lottery starts. And if your magic numbers are chosen… they’ll notify you of your winnings (no need to watch the news or search for the results after the fact). It doesn’t get any simpler than that… or does it?

Customizing the Lottery

Tipp24 knows that each player is different and wanted to take its online lottery experience to an entirely new level. To truly provide a personalized customer experience, they needed to understand some basic info about their players like – “who is playing which games” and “when/where are they playing” etc. Once analyzed, this data could be used to start tailoring their marketing campaign to a well-defined target audience – to basically give them what they want.

Simplifying the Process

After evaluating multiple options, Tipp24 selected the speed and simplicity of the SAP InfiniteInsight predictive analytics solution. Now, marketers no longer need to spend weeks building predictive models and can focus more on customer behavior patterns. The increased focus ensures that the right players get the most relevant messages, at the right time, on the device of their choosing. The increased customer satisfaction results in more fun for the players and better earnings for Tipp24. Some of the highlights include:

  • 300 percent Improvement in targeting accuracy, including identifying likely players for weekly, monthly, or permanent tickets
  • 25 percent Reduction in target audience size for any individual campaign, thanks to more-precise analytics
  • 90 percent less time to build and deploy predictive models (from weeks to days), increasing the productivity of the analytics team

Tipp24 has always known that a happy customer is the key to their winning ticket. And thanks to the company’s visionary approach toward analytics, they’ll continue learning more and more about their customers to keep them happy. Just remember, before the last lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it; and a simple customer experience is the best way to ensure busy people like you and me, are always in the game.

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This story originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.
Photo: Shutterstock