The Business: Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, RiiThink is a comprehensive digital marketing and e-commerce agency that provides a variety of digital marketing services and infrastructure solutions.

The Challenge: Patrick Smith, Founder of Riithink, asks, “How can SAP help a small business? With my many years in commerce and technology, SAP is the last company I would think of to support a small enterprise. Likewise, the first for big biz!”

The Response from the SAP Small Business Coach

I have heard this question in the past, and am proud and humbled to say that SAP has actively helped over 240,000 small and midsize enterprises (SME) grow and succeed. We spend a lot of time talking to small and midsize customers who tell us that they view technology as their key to unleashing growth (click here to get a glimpse of our recent SME Summit).

It all boils down to mitigating the risk, and at SAP we believe we are UNIQUELY positioned to serve this market, with the following:

1. Vast experience serving small and midsize companies.

More 80 percent of SAP’s customers are small and midsize companies. That’s 240,000 businesses using SAP technology to run better and unleash growth potential. Click here to visit SAP’s SME solutions site and begin exploring the depth of SAP’s offerings.

2. Award-winning portfolio of industry leading solutions that works seamlessly all together; or if a customer prefers, they can use any solution stand-alone.

These solutions are priced and packaged specifically for the SME customers; and all provide valuable insights into your business.

3. Solutions that support multiple languages and currencies.

Click here to read how SAP is enabling Nostalgic-Art to sell to shops in Europe, Asia, and Central America.

4. Solutions that enable the small or midsize business to meet regulatory requirements.

5. Deployment flexibility, not a one-size-fits-all portfolio.

We offer solutions how you want to consume them; whether on premise, in the cloud, or a mixture of both which we are seeing is increasingly popular with SMEs. All of this adds up to a fast implementation time. Click here to hear Brad Crimin from WL plastics talk about how he brings up a new manufacturing plant in minutes, not weeks or months.

6. Employee empowerment with access to data anytime, on any device.

Click here to read Coastlines quote on employee efficiency and empowerment.

7. Technology that enables a company to look and operate in a professional and credible manner.

Click here to read how the 15 person Fumajet is using SAP to build credibility and to double their business this year.

8. Deep industry expertise.

SAP solutions have been used by customers in virtually every vertical industry. SAP partners add their own vertical industry expertise to SAP solutions which means a fast time to value for customers.

9. Empathy to the cash flow of an SME business.

SAP has a special ZERO percent financing offer to let small and midsize businesses enjoy the benefits of an SAP solution immediately without impacting cash flow. Click here for more information.

10 Network of over 13,000 partners who offer custom solutions and local intimacy.

SAP stands behind our partners and supports them so they can support you with an amazing experience. Click here to access SAP’s partner finder.

This all adds up to the fact that SAP mitigates the risk for small and midsize businesses and opens the door to unlimited growth possibilities for them. We are proud to be a part of so many amazing growth stories for over forty years, and are look forward to serving many more businesses for years to come.

The Reaction

“I had no idea that SAP was a tool of choice for more than 240,000 small to mid-size businesses,” says Patrick Smith. “Knowing this, there is an opportunity for me, and others alike to learn and grow with this news. We know it is common that C-suites want solutions that are efficient and affordable. Developers want systems that are flexible and powerful. With that said, we believe SAP can be that answer, that bridge connector, for anyone seeking to win in e-commerce. It’s a powerful toolbox that runs the gamut for mom-and-pop shops and corporations alike. We’ve sworn by it for big business in the past, and see it as a viable option for SMBs moving forward.”

The Small Business Coach

This week’s Small Business Coach is Carrie Maslen, Vice President of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), SAP. Twitter: @carriemaslen

If you have a question about how to run your small business better, smarter, and faster – send it in to The Small Business Coach using the form below or email it to newsroom@sap.com. Be sure to follow SAP’s latest news and events for small business on Facebook and Twitter @SAPsmallbiz.

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