The Question: I’ve been trying to convince my manager to consider upgrading our software so we can stay competitive but he won’t budge. How can I change his mind?

The Advice: You’ve obviously got the right products and the right people in place to be in a position where you are considering an upgrade. But many small businesses face a similar problem when they reach a growth ceiling and then question how to overcome that challenge.

So, how do you best leverage staff to break through that ceiling and really accelerate growth? It has to be through systems and software. Any competent manager should realize this. Your manager should define how processes are completed in combination with your software and then allow staff to do what they do best. This way employees can focus on achieving the next wave of growth within a company without having to be frustrated with incompetent software solutions.

Upgrading your software is a sure-fire way of making certain a business remains competitive. The great thing about technology is the pace it evolves. Once your manager realizes how critical the latest tools are to managing overall performance, he will be convinced it’s the right thing to do. User habits and the “bring your own device (BYOD) to work” trend have also resulted in staff expecting to have the latest tools at their disposal. Sub-standard software in the workplace isn’t an option anymore. Organizations that continue with dated applications will see productivity levels fall and levels of frustration increase.

Obviously, if there are issues around reporting, insight into analytics, integration, plus support and maintenance, then it’s critical to upgrade. When upgrading or selecting new software, it’s mindful to select a system than can be customized to meet the growing needs of an organization.

One thing is for sure: the longer your company battles against ineffective, outdated solutions, the more it’s suffering. The right technology will provide a platform for growth. A proactive upgrade will save a small business time, money, and resources. Tell your boss to take a leap of faith!

The Small Business Coach

Morgan Browne_SBCThis week’s Small Business Coach is Morgan Browne, the Chief Executive at the IIS Group – one of Europe’s leading SAP Business One partners. Since 2008, Morgan has led the company to become one of the most innovative SAP Gold Partners. Follow Morgan: @morgankbrowne.

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