The Pre-Check Mobile Application has enabled China Grand Auto to improve service efficiency and sales to attract more customers through a simplified and automated vehicle reception processes.

Opportunity: Redesigning the Service Experience

China Grand Auto (CGA), one of the largest passenger vehicle dealership and automobile services groups in China, aimed to enhance their customer experience around the vehicle service process. CGA approached the Design & Co-Innovation Center from SAP to identify potentials for innovation in the service experience with the focus around the pre-check process when a customer brings their car to be serviced and maintained. To bring some perspective, China Grand Auto performed more than five million repair orders in 2014.


Approach: Providing a Vision

The design team committed two weeks to onsite research at different locations which included activities such as observation, contextual inquiry and more than 15 interviews with service advisors, reception clerks, dealership managers and customers. Following onsite research the design team then took everything they saw back to their project space where they spent time synthesizing and making their ideas tangible.

In the end the team provided a design that enables the recording of the vehicle condition on the tablet which then carries over automatically to the system. They also pushed to integrate their designs into the larger CGA ecosystem, bridging their design work in the pre-check process to service order creation all the way to providing tools and insights to advisors to be able to sell more services.

“I feel this will transform the way our people perform service because it’s grounded in the understanding of the user,” said Liu Cheng, CIO, China Grand Auto.

Experience: Leveraging Synergies – the Power of One Service

Following the One Service methodology we have brought One SAP together to build an end-to-end solution supporting the China Grand Auto (CGA) enterprise from wall-to-wall. The special focus on user experience resulted in a SAPUI5 mobile app, available in both Chinese and English on any mobile tablet, for service advisors to facilitate vehicle reception.

“SAP helps us in better serving our customers in the front office and better managing business administration across finance, controlling, human resources and procurement in the back office. SAP’s enterprise capabilities help us leverage synergies within our dealer group and give us the ability to improve our business continuously. The power of One Service brought all of this together in a very short time and helped us adopt many global Best Practices with paying respect to unique aspects in China. This will help CGA gain transparency over dealer operations like never before,” said Cheng.

Customer Testimonial:

“The visual design is great, but that’s only one thing. It’s more about the business value. The vision you provided. This is what has given me lots of inspiration.”

–Liu Cheng, CIO, China Grand Automotive, Co., Ltd

Customer facts:

  • One of the largest passenger vehicle dealership and automobile services groups in China
  • Dealership network covering over 20 provinces
  • Leading scale of operation and business innovation capability


  • First implementation of SAP Dealer Business Management in China, first SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA in automotive retail globally
  • Real-time BI management report modeled directly in SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA
  • Comprehensive KPI Framework based on EDW powered by SAP HANA