Germany’s most popular Football club, FC Bayern Munich is modernizing its IT landscape for the digital age. As part of this effort, the club wanted to optimize the game-day flow in its stadium, the Allianz Arena, for a “connected stadium” experience.

When several tens of thousands of football supporters pour into the Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern München AG (FC Bayern Munich), on game days, the club’s CIO Michael Fichtner and his team stand at the helm of a logistical challenge. Traffic has to be monitored, parking lots have to be managed, entrance controls have to be performed, and catering has to be provided for more than 75,000 people. To further improve these flows, the club decided to take advantage of latest SAP technology enabling a connected stadium experience.

Working with objective partner AG, the club uses SAP Process Orchestration technology to collect data from various systems in and around the arena, including parking garage systems, stadium entrance systems, and cashier systems. SAP HANA then consolidates and processes that data and detects critical situations before they arise. That data and the analysis is then displayed in real time to club and arena staff and management via a mobile app, the Allianz Arena Alerting, to provide role-specific access to relevant information in real time, including alerts when stadium thresholds are close to being met. Fans will experience less stress in finding a parking space, shorter queues in front of entrances and cashiers, and last but not least enjoy faster services before and during the half-time break of the match at catering stations inside the stadium.

“Thanks to SAP Process Orchestration, we can collect data from various systems in and around the stadium on game days,” states FC Bayern CIO Michael Fichtner. “We now know exactly what’s going on in real time. This helps us deliver the best possible experience to our fans when they visit the Allianz Arena.”

FC Bayern Munich is one of the world’s most modern and innovative soccer clubs and it is setting standards – in sports and in business. The result is simple: a better game-day experience for fans and better-informed staff and management.