Create the World You Want to Live In

Today’s digital natives are reinventing the world, and SAP is making it happen. A recently launched campaign aims for spreading the message around the globe.

According to a Deloitte human capital trends report, today’s youth will constitute 75 percent of the workforce by 2025. This generation will be able to work in jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. However, high unemployment rates and a growing skills gap are challenges that already exist today.

Listen to young entrepreneurs explain what makes them run and what inspires them to improve people’s lives.


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Robert Enslin, member of the SAP Executive Board and president of Global Customer Operations, recently emphasized SAP’s commitment to empowering the world’s youth with technology and business skills that translate into meaningful jobs and economic opportunity.

“It is our responsibility – yours and mine – to give our youth every opportunity possible to create the world in which they want to live,” he wrote. “They are indeed poised to become the next generation of corporate leaders, enterprise customers, and game-changing partners. But only if we provide them with the education they need today. The opportunity is there. We can all play a role to help prepare this generation for the future and a world that is unimaginable today.”

In order to address the needs and interests of young people worldwide SAP has launched a comprehensive global youth campaign backed by Global Corporate Affairs, Human Resources, SAP University Alliances, Corporate Social Responsibility and SAP Academy. The program aims to empower the millennial generation to find their purpose in life and become role models, influencers, and entrepreneurs making a lasting impact on the tech industry.

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