Her English songs are melancholic while her German ones are happy. Marie Drabant is a working student at SAP’s Knowledge Transfer, but her heart beats faster for music.

Her daily life inspires her to write lyrics. Find out what time scheduling and trains have to do with the singer/songwriter’s passion.


How do you make an impact? As a working student assisting the head of Knowledge Transfer, I accomplish all of my tasks to my best abilities. It’s a rewarding feeling to know that without my help my boss would have a tougher time getting through the day. He values my commitment.

What does success mean for you? Success is when you do what you love whether in or outside your job. My biggest dream is to pursue music as a career, but I don’t measure my success on such material things.

What is the biggest impact you’ve had so far in your job? I guess this is my latest project, which was organizing our team’s offsite week. It took me and my colleagues three months to put everything together. The reward comes with the happy faces of my colleagues. This is the best and most honest feedback you can get.

Which skill is useful in both your job and on stage? Time management is the most vital thing. At SAP, I need to make sure my bosses meetings are perfectly scheduled. For my music, I specifically reserve time slots four times a week. I like my job so I’m not drained afterwards but without a good time management I’d be lost. That’s why I use every minute of my day efficiently. For instance, I use the time on the train returning from work to think about my lyrics.


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Talking Pleasure

First thought when you go on stage? The only thing I feel right before I go on stage is the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I’m not really nervous, rather, I try to re-channel the adrenaline from tension to concentration. The trick is to switch off my head and be the song and the emotion you want to convey with your song. When I’m finally on stage, I dive right into my songs and feel the audience’s reactions.

“A day without happiness and laughing is a wasted day.”

What makes you get up in the morning? The thought that there’s so much to accomplish during one day. If you don’t get up, you just waste your time.

When and how did you find your passion? I was fifteen when I was on stage for the first time and I knew immediately that I belong there. It felt like home. At school, I was shy and I didn’t belong to the “cool kids”. But on stage, I felt so confident and strong. All the shyness was gone and there was just me and my music.

In a few words, what does music mean to you? My wonderland, my life.

5 Facts about Marie

  1. Marie’s first music video was shot as part of an initiative that supports musicians with a professional camera team.
  2. She also performs rap songs and they will be part of her first CD.
  3. When she goes on holiday, she likes to ask at the local bars whether she can play her music and Berlin is her favorite city to play in Germany.
  4. Her biggest concert was in Munich at the “International Singer/Songwriter Stage.”
  5. She plans to apply for the famous pop music academy in Mannheim.