Sweet as Candy, Spicy as Cinnamon

Who would have thought that an Internet announcement – “singer is looking for people who like to play music” – might lead to a successful indie pop rock band?

Its distinctive features are “sweet sounds with a little bit of spice” as singer George frames it. Singing recharges his batteries drained during escalation management.


Talking Business

How do you make an impact? Since I work in customer support, I receive an overwhelming number of customer messages every day. Nonetheless, the goal is to give each request my full attention no matter how demanding it turns out to be.

What’s the biggest impact you’ve had so far in your job? It was right at the beginning of my current position. One of my customer requests seemed so simple, yet it turned into a six-week escalation with no solution in sight. De-escalation managers called me twice a day. I didn’t know what to do because no proposal I sent to the customer was good enough. Eventually, as if with the help of master Yoda and the force of the universe, we found the source of the problem and were able to satisfy the customer at last. Ever since, I’ve been a big fan of master Yoda.

What advice would you give to others on work/life balance? Pursuing your passion and working fulltime is demanding and fulfilling at the same time. I don’t think there’s a universal recipe to follow. People have to find their own way.

Which skill is useful in both your job and on stage? Empathy. I’m the type of person who detects, reacts to, and guides people’s moods rather than trying to entertain them. This is true both on stage and at work. Of course you want to meet your costumer’s or audience’s expectations, but it’s not always possible. The challenge is to cope with the situation in an honest but empathetic way. As a musician, I’ve learned not to force my audience to listen to my music. They may, for example, be more interested in talking than actively listening to my music. But I still feel good about the concert.



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Talking Pleasure

A day without (fill in the blank) is a wasted day. Your beloved ones.

When and how did you find your passion? I found it during a night shift at a paper factory in Mannheim. My friend and I were working there lifting heavy blocks of cardboard with our bare hands. Out of nowhere, he asked me whether I’d like to start a band. I should mention that we couldn’t even play instruments at that point. Our first rehearsals were disastrous. Although we didn’t get very far as a band, that night marked the beginning of my path as a musician.

“Sometimes I have a gig in some club on a Friday night where I rock ‘n’ roll and scream. The next day, you’ll find me at the river with my two-year-old daughter feeding ducks.”

What type of impact would you like to have with your music? To me, songwriting is a way of processing massive changes in my life. I like sharing my songs and feelings with the audience. If I’m lucky, people recognize their own thoughts in my songs, which they themselves maybe weren’t able to put into words.

In 3 words, what does music mean to you? Love, Ecstasy, Serenity.

5 Facts on George & his band

  1. Since December, George and his band have been collaborating with a new producer. Their new single is coming out soon.
  2. Their songs are played on several German radio stations.
  3. George’s current band “Cinnamon loves Candy” is based in Hamburg, and has been around since 2011.
  4. For the video “All Our Secrets Remain” the band auditioned young actors who had to prove their skills by crying on cue.
  5. Their ritual before going on stage: They hug each other and summon their music gods “Elvis, Elvis, John, John, Paul, Paul.”